Hi-Yo Silver! Lone Ranger Arrested in California!

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By Wallace Schwam, MD The Lone Ranger was arrested in Lone Pine, California today for the crime of illegally transferring silver bullets. The famed masked man had just apprehended an…

Springfield Armory Daily Digest: Appalling Education, Taking Comfort Where You Can, and More Guns Go Walkies

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OMG! Someone taught my son something that could save his life! OMG! Jacksonville mother upset after child taught NRA-affiliated gun safety program at elementary school – “A Jacksonville mom is…

Springfield Armory Daily Digest: The Clown Contingency, the Spousal Suspicion, and Fun Without Guns

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  What caliber for clown? Some Florida parents plan to arm themselves while going trick-or-treating over clown concerns – “Kimberly Kersey told¬†Florida Today¬†that she plans to carry a gun while…