Departure of Michigan’s John Conyers Would Be a Mixed Blessing for Gun Rights

Unless you’ve been exploring the depths of the Mariana Trench or gazing at the northern lights in Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland, you’re probably aware that many of our most outspoken paragons of virtue and supporters of feminist ideals have been busy groping unconscious entertainers and attending meetings in their skivvies. While various Democrat leaders have been furiously backing […]

Update: Florida Open Carry On Life Support

Earlier today we ran a post from a reader regarding the legislative bottleneck holding up Florida Senate Bill 140 which would legalize open carry in the Sunshine state. That reader has since gotten some more details on the situation, none of it good: Sen. Greg Steube’s office has told me that the good Senator is still on […]

Education Secretary Nominee Betsy DaVos: Guns OK in Schools Because Bears

“Betsy DeVos, Donald Trump’s nominee for education secretary, said during her Senate confirmation hearing on Tuesday that local authorities should decide whether guns should be barred from American schools,” reports, “citing the case of a school in Wyoming where a special fence protects students from bears.” True story! Here’s her exchange with Connecticut Senator […]

EU Bureaucrats Continue Efforts to Disarm Lawful Gun Owners

Reader John Dingell III writes: Well, Jean-Claude Juncker still rules Europe. The EU’s Commission, Parliament, and Council have now reached an agreement to strangle gun owners across the continent in new tangles of red tape and regulations: After a year of discussions, the European Parliament and Council have reached a provisional political agreement on the Firearms […]

Aren’t You Glad Tim Kaine Isn’t the Vice President Elect?

As much as I’m enjoying Donald Trump’s swamp-enabling swamp draining and post-election waffling and prevarication (hint: not much), I start every day thanking my lucky stars that Hillary Clinton isn’t the President elect. Ms. Clinton was not a friend of ours. That much was obvious. Under a Clinton administration 2.0 our gun rights would have […]

…And Sometimes You Win

Nick Leghorn has an excellent blow-by-blow on the numbers concerning the election. It notes that the margin of victory for President-Elect Donald Trump was extremely close in a lot of states. It’s solid, and is worth reading his analysis in its entirety. Go ahead, I’ll wait. In short: gun owners just made the difference in the […]

Johannes: Vote for Trump…And More!

A friend of mine recently read my article on Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump. I wrote that if the Democrats nominated Hillary and the GOP nominated Trump, I’d support Donald Trump. “Are you still on board with this?” my friend, a former Bernie enthusiast turned Trump supporter asked. Yes. I stand by what I said: if you value the right to […]