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New From Kel-Tec: Bigger Magazines

In what I’d like to think is a nicely-timed FU to Andrew Cuomo (but probably isn’t) Kel-Tec is showing off higher-capacity magazines for their PF-9, P-3AT and P-32 subcompacts. The new PF-9 mag shown above gives you an extra round of 9mm (up to 8+1) and lets you wrap an extra finger around the grip; both of these are good things in my book. It’s available as a whole magazine, or as a 1-round baseplate extension to existing magazines…

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9mm Subcompact Pistol Roundup – Because You Asked for It

Have you reviewed the Sig Sauer P938 yet? I would like to own a small lightweight 9mm, however I’m having a challenge finding one with great reviews.


Thanks for your question, Sam. We saw and handled the SIG/Sauer P938 last January at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas but we haven’t had a chance to shoot or review one yet. We’ve reviewed (or owned) almost every other SIG/Sauer model ever made, but a factory P938 hasn’t found its way to our FFL guys yet. However . . .

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