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Omaha Gun ‘Turn-In’ Nets Two Explosives…And Destroys Evidence Of 21 Possible Felonies

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The Omaha, Nebraska Police Department held a ‘Gun Amnesty Day’ on Saturday, inviting residents to drop off their unwanted and/or illegal guns and ammunition for destruction. As is usually the case with these taxpayer subsidized dog and pony shows, the OPD’s event was done on a no-questions-asked basis. Twenty-one guns were collected, along with two reportedly live items of explosive military ordnance . . .

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Harry J. McCullough III and The Importance of A Proper Concealed Carry Permitting Process

In a recent editorial, I ranted at KETV Omaha’s biased report on a Nebraska armed robbery case. An armed citizen, Harry J. McCullough III, shot and killed an armed robber and subdued another with a concealed handgun. Turns out there are a few details we didn’t get in the original story. For example, the fact that the perp’s shotgun was unloaded. Not that this would make one iota of difference in a court of law. Armed robbery is armed robbery – loaded weapon or no. More importantly, the man who shot him, Harry J. McCullough III, did not have a concealed carry permit for the .40 caliber handgun used to stop the robbery. Nor could he have had one. Under Nebraska law, McCullough was inelegible for a concealed carry permit; he had a previous misdemeanor conviction for . . . wait for it . . . carrying a concealed weapon.

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The McCullough Saga Continues: The Hero Speaks.

I gotta tell you, I love this stuff. Covering this story is like peeling the layers off an onion. Only with this story, every layer we peel back reveals more detail, and gets us closer to the truth. Case in point, today’s story from the North Plate Telegraph, a paper that apparently employs reporters who like to report, rather than editorialize. (Huzzah! So THAT’S where all the reporters ended up when they were replaced at bigger papers by cheerleaders for the Left.)

Today, we hear directly from the hero of the story, Harry McCullough III. We also get a glimpse into the forensics of the crime scene. I don’t want to steal the North Platte Telegraph’s thunder. But, in the interest of those of you hanging on my every word (both of you), here’s the 20,000-foot view:

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Editorial: Gun Violence Reporting and Point of View(s).

So I’m reading this riveting story about a recent self-defense shooting. Now the facts behind the story are these…

A 32-year-old former security guard, Harry McCullough, was in an Omaha, Nebraska Walgreens picking up a prescription and buying ice cream when two masked men entered. He saw a gunman holding a sawed-off shotgun to a woman’s back as she held a phone to her ear. BOth robbers yelled profanities at the customers. McCullough pulled out his .40 caliber S&W pistol from his waistband and shot the armed man, firing four shots. The robber collapsed outside the store. His sawed-off shotgun blocked the front door from closing. McCullough then chased down the second robber, ordering him to get face-down in an aisle until the police arrived.

Score: armed citizen 2, armed bad guys 0. Now, let’s take the story as it was reported, and examine the generous helping of bias the reported added to the story…

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Ohio Gun Rights: Home Rules Rule? Who Rules Home Rules?

Same deal for Omaha: the state government wants to quash the city’s gun control ordinances. Specifically, Omaha requires gun owners with concealed-carry gun permits to register their firearms with the city. “On Monday, [state legislators] passed an amendment that would stop the practice in Omaha,” action3news.com reports. “The approval of the amendment follows an opinion from Attorney General Jon Bruning’s office on Friday that Omaha has been violating state law by forcing people who have permits to carry concealed guns to also register their guns. The formal opinion said Omaha’s rule isn’t allowed under a law that bars cities from preventing concealed-carry permit holders from carrying concealed guns inside city limits.” Try saying that ten times fast, if you have nothing better to do an understanding other.