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Obscure Object of Desire: Heat-Seeking NERF Vulcan

The genesis of inventor Rick Prescott’s infrared seeking Sentinel (a.k.a. “Dilbert’s Revenge”) from the man himself, via makezine.com:

An idea sparked in my mind one day while walking the toy gun isle in a store with my kid and later that evening learning of the workings of a thermopile array while surfing the internet. The result is this infrared seeking sentinel which joins a realistically priced infrared sensor to a realistically operatable Nerf® machine gun to create a slightly less deadly yet still highly deterring automated machine. Personally I have grand plans to deploy the infrared seeking sentinel facing the entrance of my work cubical in order to speed interaction with less desirable visitors.

Jack Kerouac Can Bite Me.

I’m on the road again, picking up my all-too-distant offspring for her summer vacation. Along the way, I came across this truck stop display. I’ve known a lot of truckers in my time. I’ve never known one of the “knights of the road” to go to work unarmed. While I can imagine a trucker shooting some motel art glass with one of these faux NERF guns for a few hours, pacing back and forth like a caged animal, the gun is clearly targeted at small fry. Having survived multiple extended road trips with my sister, I’ve gotta say that handing a cranky kid anything capable of shooting projectiles from the back seat to the front is just asking for trouble. Which is why it’s catnip to pre-pubescent boys. Moving on . . .  continue reading

Editorial: Is Anti-Gun Culture Lowering Boys’ Reading Skills?

I don’t know about you, but I’m a boy. Well, I was one, back in the day. I played guns all the time, perfecting the art of finger shooting, quick draw and dying while diving in a pool. I watched a lot of gun TV: The Rifleman, The WIld, Wild West, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and more. My favorite movies featured gunplay. And I read a lot of books about war, cowboys and Indians, hunting, spies and exploration. (NB: The Hardy Boys were pussies.)  As TTAG’s Brad Kozak pointed out in a recent editorial, the gun gestalt taught me a lot about right and wrong. Today, Gun Culture for Boysis still thriving. There’s a huge range of Nerf and Airsoft guns and any number of hyper-violent, hyper-realistic video games. Rap music is suffused with romantic gun references. Still, something’s missing: gun-celebratory novels. At literacy levels below Tom Clancy (yes there is such a thing), boy’s books about gunplay are awfully thin on the ground. Is that a major contributory factor for falling levels of pre-adult male literacy?

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Colorado University Alows Nerf Guns For Zombie Hunt

Boulder Colorado is one of America’s best cities. Disclaimer: this writer is moving there. Well, I was, before I learned that zombies lurk inside Colorado University’s engineering building. And I am again, now that I know that it was all a dream and Bobby was in the shower all that time (Jesus, think of the hot water bills). No wait. Sorry. Now that I know that it’s just a game player by “Nerds for Nerf,” a protest group formed to defeat the University’s ban on guns both real and simulated. See what I did there? There is no such group. But there is such a ban and zombie game, and the campus cops did give them a pass. “This was the second zombie invasion in a month at the University of Colorado, following a weeklong game earlier this month that hosted more than 200 players,” the school paper reports. “But Saturday night’s event was no ordinary game. . .”

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