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“The Gunfighter” [NSFW]

Thanks to my buddy, Matt, for linking me to The Gunfighter a few months ago. This hilarious short film should have gone up on TTAG then. Nine minutes of quality programming here, and a bit of levity in what feels like a rough couple months of serious news at home and abroad.



Saturday Evening Post: The Artful Dodger (Remo Williams)

I’ve never understood Hollywood. Case in point: The flick from which the clip above is drawn. Now your garden variety 6-year-old yard ape would be more likely to come up with a better title for this flick than Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins. I mean, the flippin’ pulp series upon which this movie is based was called The Destroyer, for pity’s sake. What – too macho-sounding? Too obtuse? I don’t know “Remo Williams” doesn’t exactly tell me “this guy’s gonna kick some ass” like “The Punisher” or “Matt Helm” or even my personal fave “Derek Flint.” “Remo Williams” sounds like some guy that sells musical instrument accessories for a living . . .

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Saturday Evening Post: Really, REALLY Late Edition – Chicago

Again, apologies for our site outage. Talk about frustrating – our site went down not because of anything we did or our hosting company. Nope, we were caught in the collateral damage between two warring companies upstream for us in the big, wide, less-than-wonderful world of routers, DNS and OC3s. Turns out, you can’t really make anything foolproof, because fools are so bloody ingenious. Having said that…

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Movie Review: Despicable Me


Just got back from the local movieplex, from an outing with the fam. We saw Despicable Me in Real 3D. Of interest to TTAGencia, the flick is rife with wall-to-wall weaponry, from a shrink ray gun, a freeze ray gun, and a squid gun (don’t ask) to some perimeter home defense missiles that would make Nikita Kruschev blush. All weapons are of the cartoon variety made popular by the practically omnipresent Acme Brand – i.e.: they temporarily inconvenience the victim, but leave not a mark, five minutes later. (Whatever happened to the ‘neutron bombs’ we heard so much about back in the 80s? Inquiring minds wanna know.)

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Saturday Evening Post: The Green Hornet

Coming later this year, the long-awaited version of the classic show The Green Hornet. Sort of. From the trailer, this looks like another one of those “reimagined” things where Hollywood just can’t be bothered to do what everybody wants to see, and decided to turn it into a vanity project for some semi-talented actor, an overly-indulged director, and a nod to “modern tastes and sensibilities” (read: “fart jokes”). I loved the Green Hornet TV show, back in the 60’s. It was a little campy, but who really cared? It had Bruce Lee playing Kato. This new version seems to be a tailor-made vehicle for Seth Rogen. That’s not good . . .

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Coming Soon: Sportsman Eyewear Review

At the NRA show, I saw lots of stuff. Cool guns. Cool gear. Cool gadgets. None of them got me as excited over it’s potential than this one – a pair of shooting glasses with a built-in three megapixel video camera. Stop and think about this for a second – this gadget’s gonna change the way we shoot gun reviews. Seriously. It will allow the readers to see what the shooter sees – the actual sight picture and target, instead of an over-the-shoulder, kinda-sorta, what they see video. Coolness. I’m heading to the range tomorrow, to give them a field test, but unless something changes my mind – and I frankly don’t see how – I can see recommending this to anyone who goes to the range. Imagine having a video record of every shot you put down-range. That’s worth the price of admission, right there. More details tomorrow in my full review. For now, wander on over to www.handsfreevideo.com to check ’em out for yourself. [Full disclosure: Sportsman Eyewear has provided a unit at no charge for us to review. And RF is gonna have to pry them out of my cold, dead fingers if he wants this pair.]