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New From Mossberg: FLEX-22 Rifles

Image courtesy Mossberg

You obviously liked Mossberg’s FLEX modular shotgun. So much so, you selected it for one of last year’s Readers Choice awards as best new scattergun. And we really liked the FLEX-equipped .22LR Plinksters we saw at the SHOT Show. I wondered how long it would be before they hit the shelves. Because a lot of SHOT Show debutantes (*cough* Arsenal Strike One *cough*) take a long time to really come out and dance. Not these rifles, though. They’re already here . . .

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TTAG Readers Choice Award Goes To Mossberg FLEX


TTAG Managing Editor Dan Zimmerman is shown here presenting Mossberg’s Linda Powell with TTAG’s Reader’s Choice Award for Best Shotgun Of 2013. Their new FLEX system lets you swap out just about everything on a Mossberg 500 shotgun (save the magazine tube) instantly, without tools. In a year where not much else changed in the world of shotguns, the FLEX system is gathering steam to change just about everything. Well done, Mossberg; keep it up.


Gun Review: Mossberg 500 FLEX Shotgun


Just about every shooter owns, has owned or will someday own a Mossberg Model 500 shotgun. Like a Winchester Model 94 or a Ruger 10/22, the old Mossy is just one of those guns that endures forever while newer designs come and go. It’s always been a snap to swap Mossberg 500 barrels, and now it’s literally a snap to swap out just about everything else. The Mossberg FLEX 500 is the most modular shotgun system ever made. It’s the Stoner 63 of pump-action shotguns. Is that cool or what? . . .

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Gun Review: Mossberg Model 930 ‘Tactical’ Autoloading Shotgun

Image: Chris DummTTAG is no stranger to the Mossberg Model 930: the 930 SPX was rigorously compared to the FNH-SLP in 2011, and the 930 SPX was also the subject of its own review in 2010. This is not a review of the 930 SPX. The Model 930 is one of the lowest-priced autoloading shotguns on the market, and the only such budget boomstick to be made in America. Other semi-automatic shotguns might have illustrious police and military pedigrees, but none of them share the Mossy’s’s $499 street price or ‘Made In USA’ bragging rights . . .

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2013 Mossbergs. Image: Chris Dumm

New(ish) From Mossberg: Lots Of Rails, QD Buttstocks, Threaded Muzzles

Mossberg’s rifles and shotguns remain largely the same as what they exhibited last year, with some evolutionary (as opposed to ‘revolutionary’) design improvements. Some of them, like the threaded muzzles on this bottom MVP rifle, are awesome. Flash hiders and muzzle brakes are fine, but the suppressor market is what Mossy is really gunning for. And that is simply awesome.

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Gun Review: Mossberg 100 ATR

I walked into my gun store last week fully expecting to buy a Remington 700 in .308 Winchester. As I was walking down the aisles toward that long-touted paragon of bolt actions this little beauty caught my eye. It’s a short action bolt action rifle chambered for .308 Winchester made by Mossberg. It’s called the 100 ATR. The firearm comes with a free-floated barrel, pre-installed rails for a scope and iron sights. IRON SIGHTS! The Mossberg 100 ATR only cost a fraction of what I would have paid for a Rem 700 (and became cheaper by the second as I reminded my local gun shop owner just how much I spend on transfers there to do reviews for this site). But is it any good?

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Gun Review: Mossberg 930 SPX Tactical Shotgun

A shotgun makes such a thoroughly awesome home defense weapon. I learned the full truth of that statement during my first defensive shotgun course. My love and respect for my Remington 870 and Mossberg 590 pump guns grew, but there were a couple of students using way cool tactical auto-loaders . . . Although I tried not to let it show, I suffered from a bad case of scattergun envy.  For years afterward I looked for a suitable semi-auto defensive shotgun. I just couldn’t bring myself to spend roughly twice to three times what I’d paid for a good pump action shotgun. Turns out I just was waiting for Mossberg to release the 930 SPX (for Special Purpose) Tactical shotgun . . .

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Tactlite T2 Opens the .50 BMG Loophole

California’s .50 Caliber BMG Regulation Act of 2004 defines the outlawed weapon as “a centerfire rifle that can fire a .50 BMG cartridge and is not already an assault weapon.” Catch that? So if you already have an assault weapon, you can convert it to .50 BMG using Zel Custom‘s Tactlite T2 and you’re good to go! At least until the People’s Republic gets around to closing the “.50 BMG loophole.” the Tactilite T2 .50 BMG conversion kit is now in production. You can buy this “firearms accessory” without any special paperwork, background check or waiting period. All you need is $2298. And here’s what you get . . .

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Book Review: The Last Patriot by Brad Thor

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Let’s get right to the point. The Last Patriot, a thriller by Brad Thor, is the most ridiculous book I’ve read in my adult life with the possible exception of Everyone Poops by Taro Gomi, which I read to my children when they were toilet training. The book was so impossibly bad that I could not put it down. It was like watching a clown car accident – every time the paramedics would pull a dead clown from the wreckage they would find another, and another, and another… Anyway, for all its faults, The Last Patriot managed to both top the New York Times Bestseller list and be banned in Saudi Arabia. As a result of death threats Thor received after this book was published, WorldNetDaily dubbed the author “the new Salmon Rushdie.” Now that’s offensive.
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