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Romney Panders To NRA, Anti-Gunners. Simultaneously.

“Actually the law that we signed in Massachusetts was a combination of efforts both on the part of those that were for additional gun rights and those that opposed gun rights, and they came together and made some changes that provided, I think, a better environment for both, and that’s why both sides came to celebrate the signing of the bill.” Mitt Romney, CNBC, July 23rd, 2012.

How can anybody know what to make of this guy? As governor of Massachusetts in 2004 he pandered to gun-grabbers and made his state one of the worst in the nation for gun rights . . .

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Romney: Palin is Armed and Dangerous

Ha! We SO knew that! Well, actually, not exactly. The only gun we can positively identify as belonging to Republican ex-Governor and non-presidential candidate Sarah Palin is the Henry Repeating Arms “Big Boy,” which she has yet to physically claim. OK, back in May ’09, Templar Consulting gave Ms. Palin an engraved Alexander Arms’ 50-caliber “Beowulf” assault rifle: “the most capable long range AR ever built.” [I’m not making this up. Pic after the jump.] But fellow Republican ex-Governor and non-presidential candidate Mitt Romney probably has better (if not more) intelligence than we do. He certainly appeared to have his wits about him (i.e. his lines well-rehearsed) when discussing Palin on last night’s Letterman Show. Letterman: “What about that Sarah Palin? She’s not ready to be President, is she?” Romney: “She’s terrific. She really is. She’s terrific. She’s got energy, passion. By the way, be careful what you say about her, by the way… She has a rifle, you know.” You have been warned. All of you.

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