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Baltimore Sun: Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership Is Anti-Semitic

As we’ve reported previously,the Jews for the Preservation of Forearms Ownership (JPFO) lobbies to block or remove legislative restrictions on firearm ownership. The JFPO recently filed a friend of the court brief in the landmark McDonald case, which will determine whether or not states can abridge Second Amendment rights. Even more recently, one of its supporters mailed a JPFO leaflet entitled Bagel Brain Jews Want Your Bullets and Your Guns to State Senator Brian E. Frosh (amongst others). Frosh, chairman of the Judicial Proceedings Committee, has introduced bill SB645 “Authorizing an investigative or law enforcement officer acting in a criminal investigation to intercept a wire, oral, or electronic communication in order to provide evidence of the commission of specified offenses relating to the sale, rental, purchase, or transfer of a regulated firearm under specified circumstances; prohibiting a person who has previously been convicted of specified crimes from possessing a firearm; requiring a valid Maryland handgun purchase permit for the purchase or receipt of a regulation firearm; etc.” Stoked by Frosh’s incendiary remarks about the leaflet, The Baltimore Sun was all over the story like a cheap suit, accusing the JPFO of, of all things, antisemitism.

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