New from Magpul: The Magpul Bipod

Magpul — you know, the guys who make PMAGs and everything else that goes on your AR, AK, shotgun and bolt gun — are getting into the bipod market. Their new bipod is feature packed and at only $109.95 it’s budget friendly. How feature packed is it? Well it can tilt 50° and pan 40°, […]

New From Magpul: Tactile Lock-Plates

Designed to allow quick visual and/or tactile differentiation of up to three different ammo loads, even in the dark, Magpul’s new Tactile Lock-Plates (sold as Type 1 and as Type 2) are an easy and inexpensive solution. Featuring one or two bumps — 1/8″ raised nubs — whereas the standard Lock-Plate is smooth, the user […]

Gear Review: JMT AR-15 80% Composite / Polymer Lower

TTAG’s readership is a well-informed crowd. So I’ll spare you an explanation of the purpose(s) of an eighty percent lower. I will say, however, that if you’re not making at least a portion of your (where legally permitted) DIY firearms each year you should strongly consider doing so. At the very least, it’s a great […]

Colorado: Countdown To PMAGgeddon

As the Centennial State counts down toward governor Governor Hickenlooper’s foolish, unconstitutional and ineffectual ban on normal-capacity magazines, I brought one of my own beloved PMAGs back to its Boulder birthplace for one last photo op. Here it is, standing tall before the iconic Flatirons. For now. But soon . . .

Magpul Slammed by American Lung Association. Or Not.

When Nick and I saw the swag box at the Magpul booth yesterday, I knew they couldn’t really be cigarettes. After all, who would want to ‘Take A Dragful Of Magpul’ in this anti-smoking age? Then I thought they were boxes of promotional Magpul crayons, just perfect for my daughter who loves Kalashnikitty, right?

Magpul Shelves 60-Rounder, Offers Magazine Clamp

The SHOT Show is over, but TTAG’s Truth Squad still has some catching-up to do. In this case we bring news that Magpul as much as confirmed to Nick and myself that their quad-stack 60-round AR magazine is on hold, possibly permanently. Not to worry; you’ll soon be able to use the new Magpul Magazine […]

Gear Review: Magpul MOE+ Grip for the AR-15

This is going to be a short and sweet review because there’s not much to say about a grip. It either works or it doesn’t. Magpul has a track record for making things that fall into the “works” category, but unlike the legions of Apple fanboys I don’t tend to spend money on something (especially sight unseen) […]