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Colorado Mag-Limit Repeal Has Majority Senate Support, No Chance Of Passage

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Last year, Colorado’s knee-jerk reaction to the Sandy Hook and Aurora shootings limited the state’s new magazines to a maximum capacity of fifteen rounds. This foolishness has saved exactly zero lives, but it has succeeded in costing the state several hundred highly skilled, high-wage jobs. A new bill aims to repeal that stupidity, and it has the support of a (bipartisan, thank you very much) majority of the Colorado Senate. But it has no chance of becoming law and restoring the constitutional rights of Colorado shooters . . .

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TTAG Question o’ the Day: Got Spares?

As it will become apparent Really Soon Now, there’s more to this question that meets the eye. But I’m curious: If you conceal carry, do you carry a spare magazine? Two? Or do you “go Commando” with just your gun, a wing and a prayer? Oh, and while I’m being nosey, HOW do you carry your spares? On your belt? Pocket? As a part of your holster?

Inquiring minds want to know…


Editorial: Pet Peeves: Gun Terminology

Anyone who has seen the pate of my head lately will know that I suffer from chronic frustrations that cause me to pull the hair from my head.  Take, for instance, the road near my sons’ high school, Hemmingway Ln. The street is in a subdivision known as Chaucer Estates. It intersects Longfellow Ln, Stevenson Ln., and Tennyson Dr, and it runs parallel to Frost Ln, and Twain Dr. These, of course, are all well known authors. Except Hemmingway. Ernest Hemingway I know and love, but I have no idea who this fellow with two ‘m’s in the middle of his name is. Papa must be rolling over in his grave. So it is that I fastidiously tie the remains of my once lustrous locks into a tight bun and tackle firearms pet peeves.
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