We ♥ Ann Coulter. Ann Coulter ♥ Guns!

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The beauteous Ann Coulter. Legal eagle. Commentator. Stye in the eye of Liberals and Progressives everywhere. The woman voted Most Likely to Tick off a Democrat. What’s not to love?…

AP: Loners Hard to Catch. In Other News, Water is Still Wet.

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Yep. The crack reporters at the Associated (de)Press(ed – hat tip to Mark Levin) are rested, ready and a-rarin’ to go, with coverage on the Jared Lee Loughner phenomenon. Well,…

Loughner Nutjob Post o’ the Day: G-String Edition.

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I hate to do this. I really do. But as I was perusing FoxNews.com this evening, I came across this featured story: “Loughner Reported Posed in Indecent Photos with Glock…