New From U.S. Optics: Bravo Series of Long Range Rifle Scopes

U.S. Optics, Inc. is well known for making some of the highest-quality rifle scopes in the business. Their new product line, the B-Series, is in production now and replaces their existing MR, LR, and ER series of scopes with shorter, lighter options. The full press release and more photos follow… U.S. Optics Inc. Announces Full […]

ArmaLite AR50: Happiness is a Warm Gun on the 1,000 Yard Line

At 10:00 on Sunday morning, the airspace above Marine Corps Base Quantico was closed. The reason? I had just stepped to the firing line with my ArmaLite AR-50 chambered in 50 BMG (using Magtech 624gr M33 ammunition provided by Range control decided that I might be a danger to airplanes and so diverted air […]