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Meggitt Training Systems Part II – Road Range

I’ve always been fascinated with trailers. Not the kind that tornados always seem to favor or the sort that supplies a steady stream of guests to the Jerry Springer show. I’m talking about the secret agent-like potential hidden within a tractor-trailer’s 4,000-cubic-foot cargo holds. For those of you who grew up in the Eighties, reference Knight Rider, Spy Hunter and The Dukes of Hazzard. A rolling casino hidden inside an eighteen-wheeler? Magic. Today’s “toterhomes” shelter everything from mobile mammography clinics to NASCAR gymnasiums. Still, none of these specialized semis are all that—in a star-struck little kid sort of way. With one exception: the Meggitt Training Systems Road Range TM.Read More


Meggitt Training Systems Part I – SHOTT House


Commenting on a previous TTAG piece about confronting intruders in your home, reader MikeD shed some light on the immensely dangerous activity of clearing a building:

I work out with a large portion of my city’s SWAT team, and since I’m friendly with them I’ve been invited to help them with training (I get to be a bad guy and they hunt me down). Even trained professionals have a very hard time safely clearing a building. In every scenario I’ve run in training, I’ve always shot one officer before they got me. If they can’t do it, I surely can’t do it.

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