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Texas School Carry: “I have a cunning plan…”

You’d think (if you go by perception rather than reality) that Texas would have the most unrestrictive gun laws in the nation. And you’d be wrong. But there are those who keep trying to fix this, one bill at a time. Witness the tireless efforts of one Texas State Senator Jeff Wentworth (R – San Antonio) who authored a bill to allow those who hold a Concealed Handgun License to carry on Texas college campuses. The bill, which was unable to muster enough votes to get reported out of committee, looked as if it was D.O.A. But that was apparently just what (almost) everyone thought. The rest of the story offers the intrigue of the Borgias, the Machieavelian machinations of De Medicis, and the comic stylings of S. Baldrick from BBC TV’s Blackadder.Read More


A Modest Proposal in South Dakota.

When I was in grade school they made us read Gulliver’s Travels. Now understand, I’m an avid reader. But for some reason, this book didn’t grab me. (Then again, I’m not a Jack Black fan, so I had no trouble passing on the movie version, either.) But I did love one thing Jonathan Swift wrote: A Modest Proposal, his satirical take on what to do about the “Irish Problem” of too many people and too little food. Trouble was too many didn’t ‘get’ Swift. They thought he was serious about offering up the idea that eating Irish babies would solve both problems at the same time. That leads us, in an admittedly roundabout way, to the proud State of South Dakota, where five legislators have recently introduced a bill to mandate that every citizen must own a gun, starting in 2012.

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Harry J. McCullough III and The Importance of A Proper Concealed Carry Permitting Process

In a recent editorial, I ranted at KETV Omaha’s biased report on a Nebraska armed robbery case. An armed citizen, Harry J. McCullough III, shot and killed an armed robber and subdued another with a concealed handgun. Turns out there are a few details we didn’t get in the original story. For example, the fact that the perp’s shotgun was unloaded. Not that this would make one iota of difference in a court of law. Armed robbery is armed robbery – loaded weapon or no. More importantly, the man who shot him, Harry J. McCullough III, did not have a concealed carry permit for the .40 caliber handgun used to stop the robbery. Nor could he have had one. Under Nebraska law, McCullough was inelegible for a concealed carry permit; he had a previous misdemeanor conviction for . . . wait for it . . . carrying a concealed weapon.

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