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SHOT Show Recce: Only In Las Vegas

Decades ago, I got stranded overnight at Las Vegas’s McCarron International Airport. I had a night to kill in Sin City, and didn’t even have the brass in my pocket for a cab ride to the Strip and back. In the middle of a nearly-sleepless night listening to Steve Lawrence and some jackhole named Bernaducci reminding me to ‘Walk on the Left, Stand on the Right’ on the airport’s many moving walkways, I found myself wishing that a fully loaded KC-135 from nearby Nellis AFB would crash into the terminal and put me out of my misery . . .

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Las Vegas Casinos Pitch A Bitch To Stop Beretta Gun Shop


A big legal fight is brewing involving two pro-gun casinos that both want to prevent a gun store/shooting range from opening up in their high-rent neighborhood on the Las Vegas Strip. What’s wrong with this picture? The Venetian and Wynn Las Vegas hotels have both asked the Clark County Planning Commission to reverse its approval for a Beretta gun boutique and shooting range inside The Shoppes At The Palazzo resort.

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SHOT Show: R. Lee Ermey on Self Defense

Our Man Farago is out in Sin City, at the 2011 Shot Show. He caught up with everybody’s favorite gunny sergeant/Glock endorser/GEICO shrink R. Lee Ermey at a Glock-sponsored range at the show. Being the intrepid reporter he is, RF stuck his trusty iPhone 4 out and captured some choice bits from the Gunny re: self defense.Read More


Is CSI Gun-friendly?

I’ll admit it. I’m a sucker for CSI. Not CSI: Miami. Can’t stand David Whats-his-name’s overacting. Nope as much as I like Lieutenant Dan, I’m a big fan of the original CSI show. Vegas, baby! Tonight’s episode was of interest to TTAG readers, as it involved a corpse shot with several hundred rounds of everything from .50 cal Ma Duce rounds to .38s. I don’t wanna spoil it for you, but it also involves an outdoor gun range. The episode should be online in a couple of days. When it is, I’ll update the post, so you can see it for yourself.

In the meantime, let me point out that the script has the CSIs, shall we say, express disdain for citizens celebrating their 2nd Amendment rights by shooting fully-automatic weapons. That’s not completely unexpected. Hollywood is not exactly teeming with people that support gun rights. (They are more than willing to exploit guns for their ratings, but they want nothing else to do with them.) However, the show did feature something that caught my eye (in more ways than one). Read More