TTAG’s Inaugural Badass Moms Mother’s Day Gift Guide

[reviewadinsert] Mother’s Day is upon us yet again and with it comes the avalanche of Mother’s Day Gift Guides, Mother’s Day Must-Haves, and Best Guns for Mothers. Here’s the thing. Here at TTAG we – well, I’m speaking for myself, here – don’t go with the stereotypical flow. This isn’t exactly a gift guide, it’s […]

Shot Placement: We Have the (Processed) Meat

Meals in 2018 are a simple process. Pick your poison – fast food, sit-down restaurant, ready-made meals at the grocery store – and you’re golden. Food today comes in outrageously simplistic packages from pre-cut, pre-peeled, pre-packaged apples to sliced-and-diced, single-serving pickles. Whatever you want is available, effort-free. This includes meat, which can be purchased as […]

Agency Arms and Jake Hoback Release Collaboration Knife

The week of the 2016 NRA Annual Meetings in Louisville is upon us. This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Dan, Nick, and I will be in attendance bringing y’all as much of the new product information and other goings on as possible. Among the deluge of press releases, Agency Arms, best known for their seriously pimped out GLOCKs, […]

EDC For CCW: Zero Tolerance 0350

The Zero Tolerance 0350 is about the most serious EDC knife I’ve gotten my hands on. This assisted-opening flipper sports an S30V combo blade, G10 scales and the thickest frame liners I’ve ever seen. Its brick-shithouse construction is matched by rather brutish good looks; even the pommel is aggressively jimped for striking and for an […]

EDC For CCW: CRKT ‘Carajas’

You gotta gatt. You need a knife. An everyday carry blade (EDC) for you the concealed carry weapon (CCW), uh, carrier. ‘Cause bum ballistics and bad guys. And otherwise impenetrable  little girl’s Barbie packages. And the pleasure of cutting through a steak like a hot knife through butter. [Note: experts do not recommend using your […]

EDC For CCW: Spyderco Titanium Military

Most EDC knives aren’t equipped with four inches of razor-sharp S30V, but if you’ve got big hands and deep pockets (in both senses of the term) Spyderco’s large ‘Military’ might be just the backup blade for you. You can pocket a standard Military for about $150, but our resident Spyderco historian Jay reviewed the more expensive […]

EDC For CCW: Cold Steel Hold Out III

Cold Steel’s Hold Out is aptly-named: it’s incredibly slender and lightweight. It also brings the heat in the blade department (three inches of it,anyway) with full flat ground AUS 8 that’s among the sharpest factory edges I’ve ever held. At just 2.4 ounces, it will fit comfortably in just about any pocket. And just like the […]

EDC For CCW: Spyderco Manix 2

Spyderco’s medium-sized Manix 2 gives People Of The Gun a sturdy EDC knife of exceptional quality and ergonomics. It also gives ‘knife guys’ all the goodies they look for, like a supersteel S30V blade and G10 grips, for a street price that hovers just below $100. Either way, this Colorado-made blade is a fistful of […]

EDC For CCW: Extrema Ratio BF3 Dark Talon

“An Italian knife that isn’t a stiletto switchblade? Surely you jest!” No, I’m deadly serious. And don’t call me Shirley. Not many Americans have heard of Extrema Ratio, but they represent the high end of Italian-made tactical knives. The BF3, or ‘Basic Folder 3’ is a perfect example. Make the jump over to The Truth […]