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American Gun Rights: Power to the People

The Second Amendment was NOT written to enshrine every American with the right to own a gun for hunting, sport or self-defense from violent crime. These un-enumerated rights are merely incidental benefits of what the framers of the constitution originally meant. Pure and simple, the Second Amendment was intended for one thing and one thing only: power. The framers wanted citizens to have the literal firepower to rein-in their politicians and unelected bureaucrats. Our founding fathers were revolutionaries. Extremists. Radicals. Insurgents. Guerrillas . . .

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Supremes Nominee Kagan: Did She or Didn’t She?

Those wacky ObamaNauts. I guess when you’ve got the White House, the Senate and the House, you figure the world is your Oyster – and so’s the Supreme Court. But the Big O is finding life anything but a bowl of Cherry Blossoms this time o’ year in D.C. Most guys with the entire Legislative Branch as their bee-yatch would rightly figure that any nominee for the Supreme Court would have an easy time of it. Not this time. Chaz Bono impersonator Elena Kagan may have zero judicial experience (not a prerequisite for serving on the court, by the way), but she’s left a paper trail a mile wide and several administrations long – which presents her and the ObamaNation with something of a problem.

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