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New From Kimber: “No Comment” On NY Gun Ban

Kimber is one of the few gunmakers still located in the godforsaken Empire State, which is in the process of banning all magazines with a capacity of more than a pathetic seven rounds. Their 8-round Tac Mags are fantastic, but unfortunately they’re going to turn a lot of Kimber employees and executives into newly-minted felons as soon as Andrew Cuomo signs the new bill into law . . .

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Super Carry Pro

Gun Review: Kimber Super Carry Pro

Kimber’s Super Carry Pro is a compact (but definitely not a subcompact) 1911 with a host of custom features and a middleweight price tag. It’s got drop-dead good looks, exceptional accuracy, full magazine capacity and authoritative stopping power. I’ve been able to spend some time with the Super Carry Pro to see how well it lives up to its awesome looks and $1300 tab. Did I mention it’s pretty damned reliable, too? . . . Continue Reading


Just Arrived At My FFL: Kimber Super Carry Pro

After a hellish day at the office, my FFL guy had a wonderful surprise waiting for me: this drop-dead sexy Kimber Super Carry Pro in (what else?) .45 ACP. This isn’t the first time we’ve tested the Super Carry Pro here at TTAG (click here for Jeffrey Lynch’s review from 2011) but this will be the first time I’ve ever wrapped my mitts around a loaded Kimber to sling some lead downrange . . . Continue Reading


Gun Review: Kimber Pro Crimson Carry II


Life is all about balance. It’s a Zen thing. Yin. Yang. Black. White. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Name your poison. Like in anything else in life, all guns are a study in the art of compromise. Large calibers = big holes, but come with (more) expensive rounds and fewer that will fit in your average sized magazine. Then you’ve got size. And contrary to what Cosmo magazine would have you believe, bigger is not always better. It depends on what you wanna do. Capice? Thus we have the study in compromises du jour, The Kimber Pro Crimson Carry II.

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Dear Diary: 30 Days to Conceal Carry, Day 15

So we’ve reached the half-way point in my 30 day odyssey in carrying a firearm concealed on my person. And I think it’s a good a time as any to take stock in what I’ve learned. You know the bit (that I’ve cited before) about the different speeches: the speech you plan to give, the one you write, the one you deliver, the one you think you deliver, and the one the audience actually heard? Well my experiences with conceal carry are a lot like that. Let me explain…

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Dear Diary: 30 Days to Conceal Carry, Day 3

Went to the range today. If you’d like to read my in-depth review of the gun I’m carrying for the 30-day project, click on over. I’ll wait.

Back? Good. Okay, so I was having a discussion with Fearless Leader the other day, and RF casually mentioned that he and his significant other keep a gat strapped to their person pretty much every waking moment. (There’s a story there, I’m sure, but he’s not sharing – yet – and I’m not prying.) Since I don’t live in downtown Beirut, I’m disinclined to keep a gun on my while I’m at home . . .

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Gun Review: Kimber Crimson’s Laser, Part I

I’ll admit it. I’m a technology fanboy. Give me a gadget, and I’ll rationalize a reason why I need it. My choice of cell phones? iPhone, natch. If I don’t have the latest and greatest of whatever it is we’re talking about, it’s due to a limit of discretionary income  – not a lack of desire. So when I got over my “anything less than a full-sized, steel-frame 1911″ phase, I began looking for my dream gun. And I found it, in a Kimber with an aluminum frame and a sweet set of faux-rosewood Crimson trace laser grips . . .

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Gun Review: Kimber Tactical Custom HD II

If you’ve been to your local gun emporium in the last year or so, you’ve probably noticed that there’s been a run on guns. Certain models are in short supply. Like all of them. Most of the better manufacturers are running at something like a six-month backlog of orders. Kimber has this somewhat enviable problem – they’re selling ‘em faster than they can make ‘em. A shortage of weapons for sale = a dearth of weapons to send out for review, which is why I’m reviewing a Kimber Tactical Custom HD II, instead of the Kimber Pro Crimson Carry II that I wanted to write up. Yep. The review of my dream gun will have to wait. Which was kind of disappointing . . . right up until the moment I squeezed the trigger on the Tac Custom.

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Forget Romance – Buy the Gun You Need.

When two people mention something that makes you stop and think about the same topic, it’s coincidence. When three people do it, it’s a trend. Four people? Call it “karma,” call it “kismet,” call it “I’m looking for a story idea” – call it anything you like but it seems like a topic waiting for a post. So here it is. Several people have waxed rhapsodic on these very TTAG pages recently on the subject of getting the “right” gun for the job. Point well taken. You wouldn’t use a bazooka (or a 1911, for that matter) to swat at flies. You wouldn’t want to bring a BB gun to a shootout. And you probably have no idea WHAT to use – or buy – if you’re a newbie. Like I was. And I have a confession to make. I bought the wrong gun.

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All I Am Saying Is Give Guns a Chance

As I waited for my lane pass down at the shooting range, three men approached the counter. They were dressed in what I like to call (but don’t) Guido casual: loose-fitting silk shirts adorned with ornate designs from the Velvet Elvis School of Fashion, draped over sweat pants that want to be trousers when they grow up. The men were short, stocky and swarthy, with faces that would never, ever be clean-shaven. They spoke to each other in Arabic. I felt an adrenalin rush unrelated to my forthcoming familiarization session with a Benelli SuperNova 12-gauge pump shotgun. The range is one of those open-to-the-public gun rental places; show some valid ID and off you go. Go on. Call me a racist. But I suddenly thought about the guy taking IDs at the Florida flight training school where the 911 terrorists practiced their terminal approach. I bet no one made a fuss there, then, either.

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