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Book Review: Left Turn

Media Bias.

What if you had the power to change history? What if you could influence the future? How ’bout an election or two? Let’s assume that’s possible for the nonce. Would you use that power for good or evil? Would having the power corrupt you, sooner, later, or eventually? And here’s the kicker – would you know if you had it, and if you knew, would it make any difference in your behavior? That’s a lot of what ifs. But that’s the price you pay for reading a book that can turn conventional wisdom on its ear, as does Left Turn, a book by the Marvin Hoffenberg Professor of American Politics at UCLA, Professor Tim Groseclose. But the more interesting question the book raises, is how does this affect the fight over our 2nd Amendment rights?

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Huffington Post: “A Rifle for a Crib” And?

The Huffington Post has just discovered poor people. And while the left-leaning website resists the urge to blame Republicans for their existence, it takes a peculiar delight in their plight. Call it “Cry the Beloved Craig’s List.” To wit: “Nevadans and unemployed people across the country have turned to the popular website to beg, barter, self-promote, and otherwise help themselves survive the recession. One South Reno parent is willing to trade a rifle for a crib: ‘Lost my job and can’t afford a crib for my 1 year old son…. Not looking for a hand out, just need a crib and would like to make a trade. Things I have to trade… a 22lr rifle, various tools, mountain mike, car stereo equipment, 2 geforce 6900 graphics cards, an epson printer, etc.'” Author Laura Bassett has her pick of hard luck stories (surfing for Pulitzers). But the HuffPo’s headline writer chose to highlight this firearm-related tale of desperation. You would have thought Arianna’s army would be celebrating gun control in all its forms. Or are they? Go figure.


Huffington Post Plumbs New Depth with Gun Photo Montage [Not Shown]

Clearly, TTAG reader and gun blogger Mikeb30200 hasn’t perused Zed Nelson’s coffee table classic Gun Nation. Otherwise Mikeb wouldn’t have been so impressed by the Huffington Post’s condescending collection of derisory images entitled Why Is That Gun There? The Most Ridiculous Firearm Owners Ever (PHOTOS). The HuffPo’s pictorial polemic is the worst kind of Bill O’Reilly / Rachel Maddow-style commentary: nasty, close-minded, low-quality, anti-intellectual tripe that invites its consumers to bask in their righteousness by pissing on their opponents. In comparison, Nelson’s work is genuinely thought provoking. [Sample Image above.] goodreads.com provides an excellent description of Gun Nation’s gestalt, with one important caveat . . .

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Federal Judge Ridicules Gun Rights Advocates

Before joining the Huffington Post as a columnist, Judge H. Lee Sarokin served in federal court for 20 years. To say Sarokin was a bit of a left-leaning activist judge—one of the six judges identified as such by presidential candidate Bob Dole—would be like saying that Imelda Marcos had a nice shoe collection. Most famously, Sarokin overturned the murder conviction of former boxer Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, after Bob Dylan, Denzel Washington and other liberal crusaders exploited championed his “cause.” Well, fair enough. But who knew that the 82-year-old Sarokin was such a nasty bastard? In an article entitled A Mythical Interview About Guns at Starbucks, Haddison uses the interview format to combine condescension, ignorance and prejudice to pen a putrid polemic. For one thing, the Garden State native presupposes that gun supporters are a bunch of stupid, homicidal rednecks . . .

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