Defensive Gun Use of the Day: The Story of Joe Morelock

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  I serve as the Executive Director of Guns Save Life, a successful and aggressive regional grassroots gun rights group that meets in six cities each month in Illinois. Each…

Defensive Shotguns: Was Tailgunner Joe Biden Right After All?

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Delaware’s white-toothed wonder may have been on to something when he advised his subjects to defend themselves with shotguns. Most of Tailgunner Joe’s reasoning was cynical claptrap: he wants you to…

Gear Review: Cree “Tactical” LED Flashlight

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Remember back when Mag-lite was the last word in aircraft-grade aluminum illumination? Those old incandescent Mag-Lites weren’t any brighter than ordinary flashlights, but their indestructible machined-aluminum bodies made them the…

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Personal Defense Weapons (PDW): A Solution in Search of a Problem?

Modern armies have faced a small dilemma: what should they use to arm personnel who are not fighting on the front line?  A full-size rifle is too big to let…

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Petit Home Invasion: Another Perspective.

After reading RF’s thoughtful piece on the Petit tragedy, I was moved to respond. But as I collected my thoughts, I realized what I had to say would take more…

Gun Review: Mossberg 930 SPX Tactical Shotgun

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A shotgun makes such a thoroughly awesome home defense weapon. I learned the full truth of that statement during my first defensive shotgun course. My love and respect for my Remington…

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The Yin and Yang of Home Defense

For those of you who’s only exposure to Eastern philosophy came from watching David Carradine just prior to reluctantly opening up a can of Oriental whoop-ass on some miscreant in…

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Gun Review: Benelli M2 Tactical ComforTech

Tactical shotguns aren’t supposed to be pretty. They’re supposed to be brutal. The uglier and more intimidating, the better. Trust the gunsmiths at Benelli to turn their back on this…

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So here’s the deal. One of the questions we ponder here at TTAG is stopping power. How to takedown a bad guy with one shot. You know – like the…

Coming Soon: Is a Shotgun Your Best Bedroom Defense Weapon?

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RF and I got to talking the other day about defending your castle in the middle of the night. Assume that you’re sound asleep and you hear a noise. You’re…

Okay…lemme first apologize for the positively crap-taculuar video you’ll see (above). Turns out, it’s pretty damn hard to hold an iPhone, shoot video, and handle a gun, all at the same time. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. But the subject matter deserves better. Rest assured, loyal readers, TTAG is on it. We’ll have an honest-to-Yahweh, no-holes-barred (but quite a few holes punched in paper) review Really Soon Now.

Anyway, the nice folks over at CZ-USA and I got to talking today about sending us products to review.

“What kinds of weapons do you guys want to review,” he sez.

“All of them,” I sez. (Hope springs eternal.)

“Okay, what do you want to start with? What are your readers interested in,” he asks.

“Um…we’re all about self-defense, so, aside from your excellent (and IMHO, underrated) handguns, what do you guys bring to the party?”

“Shotguns. Specifically two shotguns.” (more…)

CZ’s Surprising Findings on the “Perfect Home Defense Gun”

Okay…lemme first apologize for the positively crap-taculuar video you’ll see (above). Turns out, it’s pretty damn hard to hold an iPhone, shoot video, and handle a gun, all at the same time….

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Chapter Two: How to Defend Your Home With A Shotgun: Don’t Over-Estimate Your Own Abilities

“Spray and pray.” That’s how accomplished shotgun owners describe the home defense strategy deployed by “casual” shotgunners. It’s the gun-active gun owner’s way of sneering at people who buy a…