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New from StealthGear: IWB Mini Holster


We’ve been fans of StealthGear’s uber-comfy holsters — the ones that feature their VentCore backing — since we first tried one way back when. They’re some of the best made rigs on the market. They’ve just announced a new addition to their line here at NRA — the IWB Mini. It’s basically a lower profile version of their original model, the IWB (formerly known as the ONYX). The Mini has less material, less bulk. Good idea. And they feature their newer, tougher polymer clips. StealthGear’s also rolled out a brand new version of their web site for your shopping pleasure. We hope to get our mitts on an IWB Mini to review soon (we also have their FLEX-OWB holster…review to follow…we swear).


Gear Review: T.REX ARMS Holsters


T.REX ARMS came to my attention after admittedly impressive speed drill videos from their Instagram account kept popping up in my feed. I had more or less sworn off appendix carry for my personal needs, but when I picked up the G19 MOS I decided to give it another shot. I went on a little AIWB and OWB shopping spree on T.REX’s website. AIWB — appendix inside-the-waistband — carry is their specialty, and they do it well . . .

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Kholster Front

Gear Review: Kholster Crescent IWB Holster

Last month I found myself searching for a custom-fit IWB holster for the eminently-concealable SIG/Sauer P250 subcompact. I’ve heard nothing but praise for the Crossbreed Supertuck, but I had a gun to review and Crossbreed’s advertised 4 to 6 week waiting list made me look elsewhere. Kholster’s online store promised a custom fit and quicker shipping, and they delivered in less than two weeks. Their designs can accommodate anything from an LCP to a Government Model 1911, but they recommend their medium-sized Crescent design for the subcompact P250. And I’ll assume it’s pronounced ‘K-Holster’ instead of ‘Cholster’ or something sounding vaguely like Farsi . . .

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Gun Review: Ruger LC9 and Versacarry Holster

Note:  Those of you familiar with my writing will detect immediately that the following review isn’t my own work. Instead, this guest review is written by Tony, a law enforcement professional with decades of first-hand firearm experience both at home and abroad. Like Top Gear’s nameless F1 driver The Stig, Tony’s day job requires that he remain otherwise nameless. Some say his blood pressure is measured in copper units of pressure instead of mmHg, and that his duties once required him to wear a fully-automatic Skorpion machine pistol in a shoulder holster. All we can say is, he’s called Tony. You may also know him as the author of the classic Internet text file ‘Loads 2.0‘, the authoritative guide to the defensive ammunition of the mid-1990s.  A good deal of what I know about guns, I’ve learned from him…

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Dear Diary: 30 Days to Conceal Cary, Weekend Edition II½

So while I was eating lunch yesterday in the BBQ joint of my choice, I caught myself doing a scan of the room. Now keep in mind, since the day I realized I needed to be situationally-aware 24/7 (around the time my daughter was born, if you must know), I make it a habit to look for emergency exits, check choke points, get a quick read on the room for potential trouble – that sort of thing – whenever I enter a public place. Is that weird? And how do guns enter into it?

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