CBS News Poll Reveals Anti-Gun Rights Bias

“As the anniversary of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School approaches, one third of Americans –  and women in particular – say the level of gun violence in the United States today is a crisis,” CBS News reports, “and most call it at least a very serious problem.” That’s the news network’s take away from a […]

Gun Control School Project: Just Thought I’d Leave This Here

I spend a fair amount of time cruising YouTube on your behalf, looking for firearms-related video content. When I search “gun violence” I often come across school projects like this one. And hoo-boy, it’s a doozy. “Guns are being issued like food stamps” Dania Mcdonald [sic] announces. And then shows a chart comparing American firearms-related homicides […]

Beer + Guns + Workplace Rage…Don’t Mix.

According to both Fox News and CNN in a still-developing story, a soon-to-be-fired disgruntled worker at a beer distributor has killed at least one person and wounded two. Details are sketchy at best, with various reports of the number of wounded and just how many people are dead. Hartford Distributors is one of Connecticut’s largest […]

YouTube Pulls Video for “Excessive Violence”

Apparently, calling an M.I.A. video “controversial” is like calling the Pope “Catholic.” No duh! M.I.A. (nee: Mathangi “Maya” Arulpragasam) is a British songwriter, record producer, singer, rapper, fashion designer, visual artist, political activist, and artist of Sri Lankan origin. He’s also an aficionado of the Tamil Tigers, as well as their separatists efforts to create […]

Brace Yourselves.

Problem is, it’s hard to get to the truth, when you exhibit bias, especially when you don’t acknowledge your bias to the public or to yourself. I freely admit I come at these stories with, shall we say, a “gun-friendly” perspective. To claim anything else would be disingenuous at best, and deceitful at worst. But I do my best to get past my bias (largely by acknowledging it, and then trying to see the other side of the issue). Sadly, the mainstream media exists in an insular world, where they neither acknowledge their biases, nor do they care to examine them, when someone points them out.