Question of the Day: Are You An Anarchist?

“Individuals do not have the legal authority to determine for themselves what their rights include,” Pierre Atlas (above) writes an, “doing so would be anarchy. In our republic, determining the scope and content of constitutional rights is up to the legislatures and the courts. Even Justice Antonin Scalia, writing for the majority in Heller, made […]

Constitutional Carry Introduced in Georgia

Six Georgia legislators have introduced a bill, HB 156, titled the “Georgia Constitutional Carry Act of 2017.” The bill would do away with prohibitions of carrying arms in parks, historic sites, or recreational areas, and changes references that allow the carry of arms from “license holder” to “lawful weapons carrier.” The effect of the bill would be […]

Question of the Day: Would You Send a Gun to Defend a British Home?

Four police officers who were flagged down by a store manager as his colleague detained a thief,” reports. “[They] allegedly said they were ‘not kitted up to help’ and drove away.” So much for fighting crime in the Piers Morgan “gun-free” paradise commonly known as the United Kingdom. A country whose subjects are barred from possessing adequate means of defense […]

Christie’s Bullying Tirade Deflects from Having to Answer Tough Questions on Guns

“Chris Christie tore into a gun rights activist who questioned his Second Amendment record in an Iowa town hall event Saturday night, displaying the fiery and confrontational style the New Jersey governor is known for,” CNN approvingly proclaimed in its “report” on the exchange. Other media, including The Huffington Post and The Des Moines Register […]

Who Shouldn’t Carry a Gun?

Even as you read the headline, it kinda grabbed you, and then made you stop and think, right? I mean, here at TTAG, most of us are unashamedly, unabashedly pro-gun. But despite what professional tr0lls/liberal gadflies/resident Progressives MikeB302000 and Magoo seem to think, we’re not “gun loons” ’round these parts, and we acknowledge that there […]

A Gun Ban We Can ALL Support!

So I was working this morning when my iPhone came to live with the news that yet another government facility (this time NASA) is under lockdown due to shots being fired. And I’m convinced that when all the details are out, we’ll learn that it was some wingnut who’s got some ties to Al Qaeda […]