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Gun Rights Australia’s Long Road Back to Firearms Freedom

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Rodger Muller’s wandering the miles of aisles of the NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits here in Louisville this weekend, watching tens of thousands of attendees ogle and finger thousands of items he and his fellow Australians can’t legally own. The founder and president of Gun Rights Australia‘s goal in being here is simple: figure out how to start the process of de-stigmatizing and re-legitimizing firearms ownership in the land down under. But given the lack of a constitutional civil right to keep and bear arms — not to mention Australia’s disastrous post-Port Arthur National Firearms Agreement — Muller’s got a long road ahead of him. It’s an instructive, cautionary example of what a tough row it is to hoe getting something back once you’ve lost it . . .

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A Canadian Sociologist’s Perspective on Stopping “Gun Violence”

University of Toronto Sociology Professor Jooyoung Lee reckons that sending police into high crime areas is a bad idea. He consider it too “punitive.” Instead “we should be sending resources into these communities that can help get conditions that would deter youth from getting involved in things, drug dealing, gangs . . .” And what resources would those be? After school programs. Basketball leagues. Tutoring. Mentors. Arts education. Apparently social science research has shown that these programs have a “longer term impact on reducing violent crimes in communities.” Meanwhile, Canada’s gun laws keep law-abiding residents disarmed. Laws driven by thinking like this.


Oops, I Did it Again! Mercedes Benz of Austin Bans Open Carry

Mercedes Benz of Austin (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

I open carry in Austin. I’ve suddenly noticed that the places where I can open carry are shrinking in direct relation to the places I open carry. Bringing my CLS into Mercedes Benz of Austin for service, I discovered this sign on the door. Had a rash of open carriers harshed their customer’s “gun-free” mellow? Nope. Just little old me. This isn’t the first time I’ve inspired a “no open carry allowed” 30.07 sign . . .

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“Donald Trump would force schools to allow guns in classrooms on his first day in office” Fact or Hillary Spin?

(courtesy détroit.cbslocal.com)

With the notable exception of Eugene Volokh, the left-leaning Washington Post is not a friend of ours. So when their Fact Checker examined the above Tweet from “gun safety” champion Hillary Clinton — “Donald Trump would force schools to allow guns in classrooms on his first day in office” — you knew which way they’d come down. Fact! And so they did. But how Michelle Ye Hee Lee gets there is funny, in a sad sort of way. Because nailing down Donald Trump on a point of fact is like catching a greased pig (no offense to the pig). Like this . . .

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Days After Leaving California, New Proposed Laws Remind Me Why I Left

Colion Noir wears a "no bear arms" California shirt

Many people say things like “let California fall into the sea.” Or “those idiots voted for this, they deserve it.” I can assure you I never once voted to increase my taxes or add to the state’s already numerous gun laws. Yet because of the location of my husband’s job, I was subjected to those policies. Did I deserve to fall into the sea for simply living past an imaginary line where people aren’t allowed as much freedom as others? (Don’t answer, that’s rhetorical.) The point is, you won’t hear that kind of sass from me. I have a problem with oppression, I was just lucky enough to escape it. Some of my friends lack the money for a move, and I know they hate this too. Anyway, here’s a quick rundown of the “Gunpocalypse” gun bills headed to the California Senate. . .

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BREAKING: Federal Judge Rules DC Must Be Shall Issue


“Because the right to bear arms includes the right to carry firearms for self-defense both in and outside the home, I find that the District’s ‘good reason’ requirement likely places an unconstitutional burden on this right. Accordingly, I hereby GRANT plaintiffs’ request for a preliminary injunction and enter an order that enjoins the District of Columbia from denying concealed carry licenses to applicants who meet all eligibility requirements other than the ‘good reason’ requirement. . . .” With that, as Eugene Volokh reports, DC District Court Judge Richard Leon has ruled that, in keeping with the Heller decision, the nation’s capital must be shall issue . . .

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Queensland, Australia Fair Work Commission: Rifle in Parking Lot Not Cause for Dismissal

(courtesy ausrealnews.com.au)

“In July 2015, a friend of the applicant attended the car park of the applicant’s workplace with the intention of discussing a rifle part with him,” sunshinecoastdaily.com.au reports. “Critically, the applicant used his security pass to give his friend access to the car park. Whilst there, the friend revealed she had brought her high powered rifle with her in the car. A member of the public witnessed the applicant and his friend with the rifle in the car park and reported the event to the police . . .

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Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy on Guns: The Facts Are Not with Him

Senator Chris Murphy (courtesy huffingtonpost.com)

By Steve Sanetti, republished from The National Shooting Sports Foundation:

Last year, U.S. Senator Chris Murphy from Connecticut was “awarded” the highest number of “Pinocchios” from the Washington Post’s Fact Checker column for comments about gun violence in America. Murphy claimed that “Since Sandy Hook, there has been a school shooting, on average, every week,” and Fact Checker ranked the statements . .

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Mexican Autodefensas Leader Dr. Mireles Denied Prison Transfer

Dr. Mireles (courtesy news.vice.com)

Republished from borderlandbeat.com:

One thing that can no longer be denied: the malevolent forces of Mexico’s Corrupt government fear Dr. Manuel Mireles as no other. The charismatic former Autodefensa leader would not back down, would not compromise, and would not cut a deal with the devil. So he sits in a Hermosillo Sonora Federal Prison, over a thousand miles from his family, friends, and supporters . . .

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New York: Where Possessing an Unregistered Shotgun Can Get You Hard Time

Mr. Waldron's shotguns (courtesy slive.com)

OK, let’s try this again. The first version of this blog got the facts wrong, as the story upon which it was based was confusing, to say the least. Thanks to TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia, I now have a clearer idea of WTF happened. Let’s start with the slive.com account: “A New Jersey man was arrested in Great Kills Park Friday night after two shot guns and shell casings were recovered from his vehicle. Gerald Waldron of New Jersey was approached after an officer noticed his Jeep parked in the parking lot after hours without a permit . . .

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What Does Donald Trump’s Relationships With Women Say About His Stance on Gun Rights?

Donald Trump and Aviles Santiago (courtesy flowjournal.com)

Is a politician’s — or potential politician’s — relationships with women fair game for journalists? The New York Times thinks so. Crossing the Line: How Donald Trump Behaved With Women in Private is based on “over 50” interviews with women who’ve interacted with the real estate mogul. It adds fuel to the fire of those stoking accusations of misogyny against the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. Mr. Trump’s first wife’s accusation that her husband raped her is, perhaps, the most serious. Here’s the thing . . .

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BREAKING: 9th Circuit Rules Second Amendment Includes Right to Acquire Firearms


A Ninth Circuit three-judge panel has remanded the case of Teixeira vs. Alameda County back to the lower court for reconsideration. What does that mean? As the ruling reads, “the right to purchase and sell firearms is part and parcel of the historically recognized right to keep and bear arms.” Translation: backdoor gun sales prohibitions that feature set-off zones from residential areas are unconstitutional . . .

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