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California: Hearing on “The Safety for All Act of 2016” Ballot Initiative Scheduled for Tuesday, May 3


(The following is reprinted from nraila.org with permission.)

The Assembly and Senate Public Safety Committee is scheduled to hold an informational hearing tomorrow, Tuesday May 3, at 9:30am in hearing room 4203, on Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom’s gun control initiative, “The Safety for All Act of 2016.”  A vote will not be taken at this hearing however members are encourage to contact members of the committee with their opposition to the initiative and similar legislation that is currently moving through the Legislature.  Assembly Public Safety Committee contact information can be found here and the Senate Public Safety Committee contact information can be found here or you can click the take action button below . . .

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MA Gun Control Hearings: Time for Folk to Be Up And to Arm

Never wanting to play second fiddle to anyone when it comes to restricting its citizens’ Second Amendment rights, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is currently considering a cornucopia of constitutionally questionable additional gun control measures. Reader LeftShooter, who’s playing the pro-gun electronic Paul Revere here, wants to get the word out to every Middlesex village and farm — not to mention you people in Worcester, Lowell, Chicopee and Brockton, too:


First (of 5) Public Meetings held by the Massachusetts Legislature Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security to discuss the approximately 40 bills that have been filed since January relating to firearms . . .

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Mayors Against Illegal Guns Launches Secret Bus Tour

Mayors Against Ilegal Guns bus (courtesy ctpost.com)

People who support gun control are less likely to lobby for its enactment than fans of thechive.com’s yoga pants pictorials are likely to assume the Bhujapidasana. Which is just as well (on all sorts of levels). In contrast, gun rights advocates are mad, motivated and mobile. They want to rally. The gun grabbers at The Mayors Against Illegal Guns knows that The People of the Gun are ready, willing and able to show up at their forthcoming 25-state bus tour (launches today) to exercise their first amendment-protected right to free speech. And so the “Mayors Against Illegal Guns will not release the exact locations of events before the start of the tour,” usatoday.com reports. “Instead, each location will be revealed the week of the stop.” In other words, the tour was created and designed as local media agitprop. Will the press play along? Does The Chive heart sports bras?

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White House Cancels Safari After Sniper Team Uproar


I’m African American. Well half. I’ve travelled to my homeland and I went on safari. I am not, however, the President of the United States. While my trip cost a bomb (in the British sense of the term) it did not run to $100m. And now, neither will the President’s. After the Washington Post unearthed secret documents detailing the costs and logistics of the CIC’s sojourn to his birthplace ancestral homeland the “We Can’t Afford to Show Children Around the White House Because of the Sequester Which Was Our Idea But It’s the Republicans’ Fault” Administration’s cutting back on the extras. Specifically, the safari part of the program. Apparently, the revelation that the Prez was going to take a sniper team to deal with lions and such had something to do with it. Check it . . .

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Romney Panders To NRA, Anti-Gunners. Simultaneously.

“Actually the law that we signed in Massachusetts was a combination of efforts both on the part of those that were for additional gun rights and those that opposed gun rights, and they came together and made some changes that provided, I think, a better environment for both, and that’s why both sides came to celebrate the signing of the bill.” Mitt Romney, CNBC, July 23rd, 2012.

How can anybody know what to make of this guy? As governor of Massachusetts in 2004 he pandered to gun-grabbers and made his state one of the worst in the nation for gun rights . . .

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H.R. 822: Be Careful What You Wish For

I’m not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV. I’ve not stayed recently at a Holiday Inn Express. Yet I fancy myself intelligent enough to believe that I can tell a good idea from a bad one, and determine if I’m/we’re about to get played. Of course confidence men, swindlers and politicians have a name for such people. Call them “marks,” “victims,” or “constituents,” the result is all the same. And they rarely kiss you first. Which is why the latest missive from Dudley Do Right Brown of the National Association for Gun Rights gave me pause, and frankly set my Spidey sense a-tinglin’.Read More


Your D.C. Gun Control Tax Dollars at Work: Flash THIS.


What if. Those two little words are responsible for opening more cans o’ worms than any other two words in the English language. (Okay, “I’m pregnant” is close in a photo-finish kinda way. Still.) So with the rash of flash mobs that have made a progression from “novelty act” and “stunt” to “violence” and “criminal act,” I have to wonder, why is it that these things usually take place in places that have the most stringent, restrictive laws on the personal ownership of guns?

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Who Shouldn’t Carry a Gun?

Even as you read the headline, it kinda grabbed you, and then made you stop and think, right? I mean, here at TTAG, most of us are unashamedly, unabashedly pro-gun. But despite what professional tr0lls/liberal gadflies/resident Progressives MikeB302000 and Magoo seem to think, we’re not “gun loons” ’round these parts, and we acknowledge that there are some people who really shouldn’t carry a gun. A effective way to determine if someone is pro-gun rights or pro-gun “control” is to look at their default position on the issue . . .

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Media, Mind-games & Malice Aforethought.


I was busy minding my own business the other day, when Fearless Leader calls me. “Brad, the Brady people have just released a commercial…it’s on HuffPo…I’m heading to the range…go forth and blog it for me.” And so I did. And it was good. (The response to the post. Not the commercial.) No, the commercial was something else. How do I loathe thee…let me count the ways… I found the spot to be totally disingenuous and dangerous, in the same way that that poisoned apple was dangerous to Snow White. It looked pretty, sounded good, but has a nasty payload, once you put the bite on it. Let me explain…Read More


Harvard Law ♥ Guns?

Well, maybe not Harvard Law School, et all, but certainly one student there, at the very least. Hence, this scholarly paper, entitled Would Banning Firearms Reduce Murder and Suicide? By Don B. Kates and Gary Mauser. For members of the TTAG Armed Intelligencia, that’s akin to asking “Is Water Still Wet,” i.e., “Not just ‘no,’ but HELL NO!” Still, it’s nice to see the hallowed halls of higher learning open to what must be a dissenting voice right up there with those that (from the Ivy League P.O.V.) think that Reagan was one of our greatest Presidents, there’s nothing wrong with profiling if it saves lives at airports, and “Drill Baby, Drill” should be more public policy than private bumper sticker. Fair warning – this is a very dry, scholarly-type paper. But if you’re a fan on the œvure of John Lott, this will be an exciting read for you. Still, I’ve got to wonder, given all that I’ve heard about the academic thought police and the political correctness that is en vogue at our universities, how in the Sam Hill did this paper get published at Harvard?