Shooting the GLOCK 42

Dirk Diggler and I put the GLOCK 42 through its paces yesterday at On Target in Valley Park, Missouri. Long story short: it’s a mixed bag. While generally very soft-shooting, Gaston’s littlest gun seems to be fairly particular about the ammo it eats. Personal defense rounds ran through it, in the words of General Patton, like crap through a goose. On the other hand, heavier, hotter ammo was, well, more problematic. We confirmed Hickok45’s experience with Buffalo Bore 100gr. +P. That snappy-shooting stuff tends to lock the slide back. Freedom Munitions 100gr. gun food did it even more so, as Dirk found out, above. And while we’re fairly sure Dirk didn’t do it, it is possible to limp-wrist the gun. We ran seven or eight flavors through the babiest GLOCK in session one and I’ll probably feed it more in the coming days. Full details in the upcoming review, of course. Same bat time, same bat channel.