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Wilson Combat: 3 Steps to Speccing a Custom Gun

Just got off the blower with John May. The Sales Manager at Wilson Combat has been promising to send TTAG a gun to review since the Wilson administration. Or thereabouts. Still, John’s got more stories than the Empire State building; the man is a world class shooter and yarn-spinner. At some point, I told John about a pal who’s getting back into guns after a fifteen year hiatus. He’s thinking about springing for a Wilson, but what Wilson? How do you spec-out a custom gun anyway? John didn’t want to be shoe-horned into a three-step process, but TTAG is nothing if not persistent . . .

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Question of the Day: Is Barrel Porting A Bad Idea?

While researching my next gun—some sort of revolver—I stumbled upon the issue of barrel porting. The previously mentioned Gemini Customs gumsmithery uses something they call the In-Line Hybra Port, available as an in-line V4 or V-8. (Vroom with a View to a Kill?) Supposedly, the system eliminates a significant amount of recoil and muzzle flip, by channeling the gases out the top of the barrel. It sounds like a great idea. And Gemini’s crew-cutted demo duded sells it well enough; proclaiming that the system turns ouchy-inducing guns like the Smith & Wesson Model 296 in .44 Special into a pussycat (doll) . . .

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Obscure Object of Desire: Gemini Custom Model 66-5 K Frame

I’m in the market for a wheel gun. A no-brainer home defense handgun. I want something with minimal recoil, in case Her Indoors needs to use it. It must also have low enough recoil—and great enough accuracy—that the revolver invites regular range time. So that whichever adult member of Farago Family East becomes proficient enough to use the handgun effectively. I also want it to have a classic all-stainless steel (or all-black) look to it. As I remind the girls (in a largely vain attempt to get them to say “please”), I want, I want. But seriously, I do. As you know, choosing a gun, any gun, is The Art of Noise. I mean,The Art of Compromise. Take it Tom! You don’t have to be rich to be my girl. But you DO have to be rich to afford a really good gun of any stripe. And the ballistic apple of my revolving eye costs, uh, a lot.

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