Gun Review: The 0% GLOCK GLOCK -or- Lone Wolf Limited Edition 2014

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“Perfection” is a strong marketing slogan, but it hasn’t stopped dozens of companies from manufacturing aftermarket replacement parts in the quest to upgrade the perfection that is GLOCK pistols. One…

Obscure Object Of Desire: Glockworx/Zev G34 Race Gun

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I’m not a GLOCK fan. I know they’re probably the most simple, reliable, functional handgun ever made, and I respect them for that. But I respect them from a distance. I’ve…

Gun Review: Springfield Armory XDm 5.25″ 9mm

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Competition shooters shell-out thousands of dollars for tricked-out polymer pistols. Glock has long been the big dog in the field (“Ole Reliable”). Over the last few years, more and more mainstream…