TTAG Daily Digest: Mass Shootings in “Gun-Free” Nations, Tactical Tacos and DC Carry Permits

Narrative alert! . . . Mass shootings in gun-free nations The global history of mass shootings demonstrates that the vast majority of these crimes are perpetrated in places where citizen firearms ownership is close to nil. While people can argue about cause and effect, the facts are indisputable. This might seem surprising to people who […]

Gun Review: FN 509 Striker-Fired 9mm Semi-Automatic Pistol

The 509 was born out of FN’s multi-million dollar bid for the U.S. Army’s Modular Handgun System contract. FN is coy about the MHS testing protocols and the results generated by the new gun. But the Belgian gunmaker claims their striker-fired pistol exceeded DOD, NATO and their own even more rigorous requirements for drop, dust, temperature and salt spray tests. And that […]

Just Arrived From My FFL: FN-15 Carbine

Your eyes don’t deceive you. This AR magwell doesn’t bear the standard of a rampant Colt, the crosshairs and lion of an ArmaLite, or the generic logo of a ‘Your Name Here’ parts-bin AR builder. That’s the FN logo, because this is a new FN-15 carbine . . .

Scoop Video! FNH SCAR PDW In Action

FNH USA has been working on an experimental “personal defense weapon” version of the SCAR, and was showing it off at the NDIA symposium this week. With a little help from David Crane at Defense Review (who also doubled as cameraman for this video) I was able to fire off a couple shots. What did […]

Gun Preview: FN SCAR 16S

TTAG writer Chris Dumm and his BFFs (Best Firearms Friends) are heading out to a secret location deep in the Washington woods this weekend to test the FN SCAR 16S. And an ArmaLite M15. And AK of some sort or description. We’ll have reviews of each gun and an an apples-to-oranges-to-fruit-roll-up modern home defense sporting […]

Gun Review: FN Five-SeveN

For some gun gurus, the Five-SeveN is the handgun equivalent of the world’s most fire-proof paper hat. It’s a brilliant technical achievement but who cares? For one thing, you’re more likely to find Keira Knightley at Country Buffet than a box of 5.7×28mm ammo at K-Mart. For another, firing-off a hundred rounds of Five-SeveN ammo costs […]

Buy a Gun Get A Laser: Five-SeveN & Tech-Gear M3

TTAG hopes to review FN’s Five-SeveN pistol by June 15, 2010. Not because anyone who purchases the $1k or so weapon before mid-June gets a “free” $120 Insight Tech-Gear M3 tactical illuminator. We’ve simply never had the pleasure of firing a low-recoil 5.7 x 28mm cartridge. FN reckon’s the caliber makes the gun ideal for personal […]

Army M249 Failures Traced to NMC Trigger Assemblies. Allegedly.

“NMC strives to maintain its quality system through employee involvement and a commitment to quality and service.” So sayeth Northside Machine Company’s website. One of the parts maker’s ex-employees begs to differ. In court. “A former employee of an Indiana defense contractor [Andrew T. Pool] has filed a whistleblower lawsuit claiming the company ordered him to […]