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I know nothink! NOTHINK! That’s Sgt. Schultz catchphrase from the Hogan’s Heroes, as the WWII prison guard dodged responsibility for doing his job. The White House might as well have loaded the catchphrase into President Obama’s TelePrompTer during today’s press conference, as the Commander-in-Chief eschewed any prior knowledge of the Solyndra and Fast n’ Furious SNAFUs. What else could he say? Whatever it was, he didn’t say it. And no matter what he said, well, any way you look at this the President loses . . .


ATF Death Watch 39: TX Rep. Calls Fast & Furious a Conspiracy to Regulate Guns

Apparently, members of the TTAG Armed Intelligentsia are not alone in their suspicions that the ATFs blunderific crapfest known as Fast n’ Furious was part of a plan to regulate guns. Congressman Blake Farenthold (R-TX) spells out what he thinks are Obama’s motivations that drove him to issue executive orders that circumvent Congress, the U.S. Constitution, and Federal law, to create a long gun registry on our Southern border. Appearing on Cam & Company, Representative Farenthold spells it out.  (more…)


With the Obama Administration using Executive Orders to implement policies that are clearly outside Federal Law in order to draw attention away from the ATF Follies (Projects Gunwalker/Gunrunner/Fast n’ Furious/et al),  you’d think the Boys inside the Beltway would pounce on something – anything – that would make the ATF look credible, and give some credence to the idea of a “River o’ Guns” flowing into Mexico. And you’d be wrong. Witness the way the ObamaNation has completely overlooked this little gem coming out of a “scandal-plagued New Mexico border town” who just fired their entire police department due to a gun smuggling scandal. (more…)