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TTAG Exclusive: Fast & Furious Whistleblower Says Put ATF on Trial for Brian Terry’s Murder

Brian Terry (courtesy Brian Terry Foundation)

“My hopes are that the trial judge will deny the United States motion to hide the known connection between ATF’s Operation Fast and Furious and Brian’s murder,” whistleblower and retired ATF agent Jay Dobyns told The Truth About Guns following a News 4 Tucson report that federal prosecutors are trying to keep details about Operation Fast and Furious “gunwalking” out of the murder trial of two men accused of killing Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry . . .

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Report: ATFE Finally Sacking, Demoting Fast & Furious Agents

Call it some long-delayed house cleaning, now that the election is over and there’s no longer a political penalty to pay. I call it too little and far too late. Either way, the ATFE has reportedly fired, demoted or revoked the security clearances of several key F&F conspirators. The major news outlets have been quiet as a dormouse about this development, but Breitbart.com lays it all out:

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Eric Holder: The Backstory

Eric Holder. How many times have you read that name lately, on TTAG and elsewhere? In the history of U.S. Attorneys General, I’d bet you a subpoena or six that Holder’s gotten more ink and recycled electrons than any AG since John Mitchell. Yet not many people know how Eric Holder came to be the United States Attorney General, or why he’s at the center of a growing scandal. In truth, Eric Holder didn’t just wake up one day and think, “How can I subvert the U.S. Constitution?” Nope. He evolved . . .

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ATF Death Watch 97: President Obama: Was “Not Aware of” Operation Fast and Furious


I know nothink! NOTHINK! That’s Sgt. Schultz catchphrase from the Hogan’s Heroes, as the WWII prison guard dodged responsibility for doing his job. The White House might as well have loaded the catchphrase into President Obama’s TelePrompTer during today’s press conference, as the Commander-in-Chief eschewed any prior knowledge of the Solyndra and Fast n’ Furious SNAFUs. What else could he say? Whatever it was, he didn’t say it. And no matter what he said, well, any way you look at this the President loses . . .

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ATF Death Watch 95: The Pot Calls the Kettle Black.

I swear to God the title of this essay is NOT in any way, shape or form, some kind of racist thing – overt, covert, implied or otherwise. But what are you gonna call it with the Attorney General of these United States gets caught lying to Congress, and the best thing they can come up with for their defense of Fast n’ Furious is “Oh yeah? Well the Bush people did it, too!” Pot, meet kettle. Read More


ATF Death Watch 69: Be Vewwwy Quiet!

That sound you hear? Listen…now that the wagon wheels have stopped creaking from the ATF circling the wagons, and the dust has settled from the lateral arabesques from all the deck chair shuffling going on over in personnel, the sound you hear is the noose tightening around the necks of the ATF, the Dept. of Justice, and the Obama Administration. Or to put it another way, this is one Ship of State that’s leaking from the top down. Allow me to explain…Read More


ATF Death Watch 39: TX Rep. Calls Fast & Furious a Conspiracy to Regulate Guns

Apparently, members of the TTAG Armed Intelligentsia are not alone in their suspicions that the ATFs blunderific crapfest known as Fast n’ Furious was part of a plan to regulate guns. Congressman Blake Farenthold (R-TX) spells out what he thinks are Obama’s motivations that drove him to issue executive orders that circumvent Congress, the U.S. Constitution, and Federal law, to create a long gun registry on our Southern border. Appearing on Cam & Company, Representative Farenthold spells it out. Read More


ATF Death Watch 37: Collateral Damage


With the Obama Administration using Executive Orders to implement policies that are clearly outside Federal Law in order to draw attention away from the ATF Follies (Projects Gunwalker/Gunrunner/Fast n’ Furious/et al),  you’d think the Boys inside the Beltway would pounce on something – anything – that would make the ATF look credible, and give some credence to the idea of a “River o’ Guns” flowing into Mexico. And you’d be wrong. Witness the way the ObamaNation has completely overlooked this little gem coming out of a “scandal-plagued New Mexico border town” who just fired their entire police department due to a gun smuggling scandal.Read More


ATF Death Watch 24: See You In The Funny Papers

I used to tell my ex, “never tick off a songwriter.” I mean, think about Sting’s first wife and “Every Breath You Take.” He’ll be watching her to the ends of time, every time get gets on an elevator. (Or a “lift” in less-than-Merry Olde England.) Among the ranks of those best left un-rankled are cartoonists. Nothing says “my ass is grass” like seeing yourself immortalized in the comics. But if Reagan was the “Teflon President,” Obama’s been The President Comic Artists Hate to Lampoon. Up until now.

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