Fear and Loathing From the Left

Last week, RF wrote while he “may regret saying I’m with Donald I will never regret saying I’m without her.” Given the way that Hillary supporters and their fellow travellers have comported themselves since election day, the concerns or doubts I’ve had about the wisdom of voting for President-Elect Trump have been steadily slipping away. The past […]

Fall Hunting: Chasing Elk to Hell and Back

This year, my lifelong hunting buddy and I decided to make a change and quit trying to find the elk in the thick forests of the Oregon coast. We put in for “spike-only” tags in the breaks of the Snake River Wilderness. This is an area that has some wide open grassland prairies. Spike-only means that […]

…And Sometimes You Win

Nick Leghorn has an excellent blow-by-blow on the numbers concerning the election. It notes that the margin of victory for President-Elect Donald Trump was extremely close in a lot of states. It’s solid, and is worth reading his analysis in its entirety. Go ahead, I’ll wait. In short: gun owners just made the difference in the […]

Johannes: Vote for Trump…And More!

A friend of mine recently read my article on Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump. I wrote that if the Democrats nominated Hillary and the GOP nominated Trump, I’d support Donald Trump. “Are you still on board with this?” my friend, a former Bernie enthusiast turned Trump supporter asked. Yes. I stand by what I said: if you value the right to […]

Washington Post Launches Anti-Gun Jihad

In the wake of The Pulse nightclub massacre, The Washington Post has brought out its big guns to vilify civilian gun ownership, tying it to mass murder. The gun used in the Orlando shooting is becoming mass shooters’ weapon of choice lists crimes committed with AR-15-style rifles. One common denominator behind these and other high-casualty mass […]

Record Wisconsin Rat Hunt in 1957

Most rat hunting is done with dogs, commonly with varieties of terriers that catch and kill the vermin. The human hunter’s job: flush the rats from cover. The rat hunting record for that method supposedly occurred in England in the 1820’s, when a rat terrier killed an incredible 2,501 rats in seven hours in a barn infested with the […]

USA Today’s Four-Point Plan to Stop Negligent Discharges That Kill Kids

usatoday.com starts their editorial When kids fire guns: Our view by excoriating irresponsible gun owners. “You’d think gun owners would understand that kids are surprisingly good at finding guns that aren’t kept secured and unloaded,” they opine, “yet the toll goes on, year after year. Maybe gun buyers should be required to listen to the heartbreaking 911 call from […]