Long-Term Test Update: Duracoat Easy-Way ACU Camo Kit

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Duracoat has figured out how to package their polymeric guns coatings in a single aerosol can. This will make it much simpler to apply, but it’s time to revisit how…

Incendiary Image Of The Day: Fire Extinguisher Gun

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Finally, some gun-safety warnings we can all pay attention to! Duracoat did up this low-priced Mossberg Maverick over-under with a custom ‘Fire Extinguisher’ coating for the guys at Student Of…

Gear Review: Duracoat EasyWay ACU Camo Kit

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I blame Nutnfancy. Or maybe Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare. Either way, I’ve had a jones to pimp out a rifle with a Duracoat camo job for a while now,…