Florida Man Shoots Home Invaders With AK, Killing One

“But nobody needs an AK-47 to defend themselves!” We’ve all heard it, right? It’s been a rallying cry for the CDC (civilian disarmament cabal) for decades. But now it’s time to give this disingenuous bit of anti-gun agitprop a dirt nap. A Florida man owes his life to his AK after a brutal home-invasion robbery. According […]

It Should Have Been A DGU: Norway Edition

Imagine that you’re on a nearly-empty rural bus at night, driving through the mountains. One of the passengers pulls out a knife and stabs another other in the chest. Now he’s coming for you. What’s your next move? If you’ve been disarmed because you live in Norway, your next move is “die.” DGU’s aren’t allowed in […]