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DGU Week In Review – Cornucopia of Defense Edition

There’s never a shortage of DGU articles, it seems. Wouldn’t it be great to wake up one morning, pull up the news, and not be able to find a single shooting story? Sadly, that ain’t gonna happen. Seems there’s a never-ending supply of criminals, thugs, and other assorted dumbasses, ready and willing to contribute their stories – and often their lives – to the library of defensive gun use incidents…

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DGU Week In Review: The Hits Just Keep On Comin’

If there’s one thing you can say about our DGU shooters, they’re pretty damn accurate. I have yet to come across a defensive gun use report where innocents were injured or killed by the person doing the defending. Funny, but that’s not what you’d expect if you listen to the anti-gun zealots, who try to convince us that guns in the hands of everyday folks will lead to mass carnage and blood ankle-deep in the streets. Let’s take a look at what’s really happening . . .

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