The Truth About Gun Violence in America

How many times have we heard it, “The NRA and Republicans are responsible for gun violence in America!!” Whoa, whoa, whoa – now just hold your horses there one minute, missy – since when does the NRA or the GOP advocate for gun violence? And excuse me but what about the cries to “stop politicizing” […]

The Surefire Plan For Enacting More Gun Control Laws In America

“Marching (e.g., March for Our Lives; the Million Mom March) is good. Calling and emailing your congressional representatives is good. Letting Dick’s, Walmart and other businesses championing some form of gun control hear from you is good too. Supporting political savvy and increasingly effective national organizations promoting stronger gun laws is money well spent (especially […]

PA Dems Desperate to Stop Preemption Reform

By DC Dalton founder of the American Gun Owners Alliance Pennsylvania has a state preemption law that prohibits local governments from enacting gun laws more stringent that state law. It’s been around since the 1970s. Unfortunately, it has no teeth behind it and liberal anti-gun cities in particular have felt emboldened to ignore it. They pass […]