Millennials Aren’t Any More Anti-Gun Than Earlier Generations…David Hogg Hardest Hit

“As far as the Democrats are relevant to the US political debate these days, they have largely focused on relatively “fringe” issues that many millennials don’t care much about. For example, millennials seem much less concerned about Russian meddling in US elections than the rest of the Democratic party elite. Even the newest golden issue, […]

Home of Parkland Anti-Gunner David Hogg SWATted

The home of everyone’s favorite gun rights activist David Hogg was SWATted today. According to BSO, deputies received a call at around 8:30 a.m., saying someone broke into Hogg’s home with an AR-15 rifle and was holding the family hostage. Fortunately, no one was home when police arrived. SWATing is stupid, dangerous and irresponsible. Oh, […]

Unintended Consequences: David Hogg’s Publix Super Market ‘Die In’ Backfires

Actions have consequences, some of them unintended. The uber-left’s favorite little gun control activist, David Hogg, learned this the hard way Friday. Drunk with perceived power and possibly experiencing withdrawal after his camera time dipped in the last few weeks, Camera Hogg’s latest plan was to extort a million dollars from the Florida-based grocery chain […]