Concealed Carrier Holds Man At Gunpoint After He Tried To Drive Off After Hitting 7-Year-Old Trick-or-Treater

By Brandon Curtis of A 7-year-old boy was hit by a car ‘barreling’ down the road while he was trick-or-treating with his father Monday night. The man behind the wheel stopped shortly after, but soon tried to get away. That’s when an armed citizen stepped in. Danielle and Michael Lester had just crossed the street with […]

Springfield Armory Daily Digest: Gunspotting, Gunstealing, and Gunvoting

Do you telegraph that you’re carrying? How to Spot a Concealed Handgun – “Individuals who carry a handgun professionally are well attuned to the range of mannerisms that can indicate the presence of a concealed weapon within their vicinity. Civilians, too, can learn to familiarize themselves with these signs and signals. When combined with suspicious behavior, […]

Trump’s Would-Be Assassin Could Get 30 Years

“A grand jury on Wednesday charged Michael Steven Sandford, 20, with disrupting an official function and two firearm possession counts, U.S. Attorney Daniel Bogden said. Together, the charges could get him up to 30 years in prison.” Trying to explain his motivation in trying to grab a cop’s gun to shoot Donald Trump, Sandford, a Brit whose […]

Investigators: UCLA Shooter Had a ‘Kill List’

Yesterday’s murder-suicide at UCLA wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment, impulsive act by someone disagreeing with the tenor of a classroom discussion…as so many anti-campus carry types say their fear. The shooter, Mainak Sarkar (above), a UCLA Ph.D. grad, had planned things to the point of making a list of those he wanted kill. As CNN is reporting . […]