BangBang Cinema: Kick-Ass

Hollywood pitches are (I hear) accomplished with the tried-and-true formula of ___________(insert name of flick) is ________ (insert name of one hit movie) meets _____________ (insert name of second, unrelated hit movie). The prospect of doubling your profits, doubling your fun to financiers means there won’t be a dry seat in the house. This formula has given us iconic flicks like Desperado (The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly meets Anything directed by Sam Peckinpah), modern classics like Titanic (Poseidon Adventure meets Romeo + Juliet) and crapalicious, pretentious pieces of crap like Brokeback Mountain (any classic Western meets gay porn). So it was with a modicum of surprise, when I found that Kick-Ass fit the formula of Superhero Movie meets Reservoir Dogs. And it works.


So if you have a high tolerance for blood ‘n guts, like your action movies with a high body count, enjoy Nick Cage chewing scenery, and don’t mind seeing a small girl child swearing like a Portugese sailor, I highly recommend Kick-Ass as high-quality, escapist fare. If you were expecting a comedy, kids movie, or your stereotypical, costumed superhero movie, keep looking elsewhere.