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Chiappa: Hidden RFID Chip IDs Gun Owner “Forever”. Or Not.

Would you want any of your guns to contain a ‘permanent record’ of your updated personal information on a tiny RFID chip concealed in the frame and designed to resist tampering or removal? I didn’t think so. Chiappa Firearms, the maker of the Klingon-esque Rhino revolver and other guns, angered many American shooters earlier this summer when it announced that its firearms would be equipped with an RFID chip.  Chiappa America president Ron Norton donned his best asbestos suit to (try to) put out the ensuing flame-fest. By now, he was probably hoping the whole affair had blown over. Not so fast, Mr. Bond . . .

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Gun Review: American Tactical Imports VK-22

It seems like every major gunmaker–and several dozen lesser ones– is now selling a .22lr version of their AR-15. The American Tactical Imports VK-22 gives you an M4-styled flattop .22lr upper mated to a fully equipped mil-spec AR lower at a list price ($480) that’s about the same as the Ruger SR-22 or the Smith & Wesson MP-22. Street prices, of course, are well below MSRP, and my example was part of a “No Rain Checks” promotion at $299. Did I get a great deal, or what? Keep the latter option in mind . . .

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Satin Rhino

TTAG Exclusive: Chiappa President Ron Norton on RFID Controversy

When the story recently broke that Chiappa Firearms was going to start installing RFID chips in all their guns,  I had deep misgivings.  When I read the PR broadside from their publicists at MKS, I cringed. Like most shooters, I don’t want anyone to have even the theoretical technical ability to point a Tricorder or an RF scanner at me and know exactly what I’m packing, where it was made, and how much I paid for it.

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MKS Disses Gun Rights Supporters, Confirms Chiappa RIFD Chip


A few days ago we reported that Italian firearms manufacturer Chiappa was going to start placing RFID chips into their firearms as part of an internal tracking process. The hairs on the back of American gun owners’ necks tingled at the thought (and not in a good way). Missing the “golden 24″ (hours) of PR response time, MKS Distributing has released their own press release in response to the increased blog traffic regarding the the RFID chips. The American Distributor for Chiappa and Hi-Point promptly shot themselves in the foot . . .

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Chiappa Rhino Post of the Day: Shoot!

That would be Ron Norton, President of Chiappa Firearms. demonstrating the Rhino for our dining and dancing pleasure. “The ammo used was the hottest that I could find,” Ron tells TTAG. “125 grain JHP Classic Federal, 1450 fps. I shot the group in under 1.5 seconds at 21 ft. The grouping was 2″. Please note that 5 of the shots were 1″.” Noted and logged. Thanks Ron.

Chiappa: Rhino Will Dominate Pistol Competition

“There will be two types of people in pistol competition,” Ron Norton tells TTAG. “People who start shooting this pistol and people getting beat by people shooting this pistol.” Well he would say that wouldn’t he, being the President of Chiappa Arms and all. But the man’s got pedigree. Norton built his first gun when he was 12. In the intervening 42 years, the accomplished gunsmith and shooter spent 16 years in the Dayton (Ohio) Police Department and several years with the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit (AMU). The latter experience, including shooting competitions throughout South America, is what convinces Norton that the Chiappa Rhino is the best thing since sliced Browning. I mean bread . . .

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First Look: Chiappa Arms Rhino Revolver Thingie

The guy in the Einstein getup is the lead engineer on the wheelgun. My first impression: I’m impressed. With the gun. Not the costume. The Rhino’s trigger felt really smooth, in both single and double-action. And I’m frankly fascinated (call me Frank) by the entire concept of the bottom of the cylinder barrel. The Chiappa Firearms‘ guy tells me the gunmaker’s awaiting final approval from the Powers That Be in the U.S. government. Unless the feds require major rhinoplasty, the gun should begin to trickle into dealers’ showrooms around July. Ish. [Ed: it's an Italian company.] As soon as TTAG gets a Testing & Evaluation model, we’ll, uh, test and evaluate it.