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The Not the Chiappa Rhino Post of the Day

As you might know, TTAG has major wood for the Chiappa Firearms Rhino revolver. Even before Guns & Ammo made the weapon its cover girl, we recognized the Rhino as the first major advancement in pistol design since the Mr. Browning revolutionized the semi. A gun that fires from midships? We’ll bring that bad boy into port anytime. Well, once Chris Dumm blesses the trigger job (story on Monday). We’ve also acknowledged that the Rhino was not Emilio Ghisoni’s first stab at this design. That honor belongs to the Mateba Autorevolver. Which had its issues (blowback?). Which have been resolved with the Rhino. Which doesn’t take away from the fact that Matebas like this one are, now, extremely collectible. And, from the looks of it, a hoot.

Chiappa Unveils Another Ugly Gun: .22 AR-15 M-Four Tactical Handgun

TTAG writer Chris Dumm and myself are big fans of the Chiappa Firearms Rhino, a handgun so ugly that simply brandishing it could kill, or at least turn onlookers to stone. The rest of the TTAG team can’t wait to try it, new trigger job and all. Meanwhile, this. We don’t know much about the Chiappa .22 AR-15 M-Four Tactical Handgun, other than the name was created by Chiappa’s Department of Redundancy Department. And the fact that the 4.1 lbs. gun has a 6″ barrel and holds 28 rounds; available for your dining and dancing pleasure early next year for a mere $469. On the face of it, it seems like a great idea . . .

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Chiappa Rhino Post of the Day: Initial Run Sold Out

Chiappa Firearms President Ron Norton tells TTAG that the initial run of Rhinos has sold out. “We sent out a hundred,” Norton said. “We’re currently on back order.” The Rhino’s Stage One trigger kits—promising to transform the snubbie’s ten-pound trigger pull into something a lot more manageable—are starting to come in from Italy. Chiappa says they’ll ship us a prototype this week or next; our review will follow soon thereafter. The six inch barrel Rhino is also due off the boat, looking to ship in November. “We’ll have the four and five inch barrels in early 2011,” Norton reveals. Meanwhile, don’t get to thinking that this is a mass production deal; Chiappa plans to sell 5000 units in the first year. [Click here to read our review.]

Gun Review: Chiappa Firearms Rhino

What’s new about the Chiappa Rhino .357 Magnum revolver? Everything. Forget everything you ever thought you knew about magnum revolvers, or snubnose revolvers, or handgun recoil, or concealable stopping power. If Chiappa can iron-out a few wrinkles in its execution (ergonomics, anyone?), the Rhino could be to conventional revolvers what HMS Dreadnought was to capital ships. Even the Ruger LCR already seems quaintly backward by comparison . . .

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Chiappa Rhino Post of the Day: It’s Like No Other Cheese I’ve Ever Tasted Gromit

Adam Deciccio from the American Firearms School reckons the new Chiappa Rhino’s trigger is a bit . . . funky. On the [more] positive side, he says the gun reduces muzzle flip and felt recoil. After firing it again, I still can’t group for toffee. Maybe it’s the sights. Or my trigger control. Or the fact that 357 cartridges make a LOT of noise, which makes me flinch. Anyway, the short-barreled Rhino one big, ugly, bad-ass belly gun. And I would really like to test the 4″ version.

Chiappa Rhino Post of the Day: Shoot!

That would be Ron Norton, President of Chiappa Firearms. demonstrating the Rhino for our dining and dancing pleasure. “The ammo used was the hottest that I could find,” Ron tells TTAG. “125 grain JHP Classic Federal, 1450 fps. I shot the group in under 1.5 seconds at 21 ft. The grouping was 2″. Please note that 5 of the shots were 1″.” Noted and logged. Thanks Ron.