TTAG Daily Digest: NRA vs. Oregon, National Registration and Kamala Harris’s Priorities

NRA to Fight Oregon’s Semi-Automatic Firearm Ban Why does anyone need to hunt with a semi-automatic machine gun? . . . The National Rifle Association announced Thursday that it will challenge Oregon’s petition to ban assault weapons. Although Initiative Petition-43 has not yet been passed, the NRA released a press release disclosing the organization’s joint challenge with the […]

California Man Arrested, Charged With Felonies After Trying to Comply With Mandatory Registration Law

It’s not news that California is America’s gun rights hell. The latest raft of laws that the state’s millions of gun owners are trying to navigate (or not) includes mandatory registration of “assault rifles.” Technically, that was already supposed to have happened, but due to rampant non-compliance and some technical difficulties, the state extended the […]

LA Times Calls Out Gavin Newsom for Gun Control Fib

As the LA Times’ George Skelton marvels, “You’ve got to wonder what goes through a candidate’s head when his first TV ad contains an indisputable, major falsehood.” You might respond that it’s par for the course and an indicator that the candidate is perfectly suited for major state or national office, but that would be […]

Microstamping’s Problems Aren’t Bugs, They’re Features! – Quote of the Day

“Because of California’s law requiring new gun models to use microstamping, no gun manufacturer has introduced a new handgun model to our state since 2013. That means handguns with the latest and most reliable technology are not available to California’s law-abiding gun owners. “That is exactly what anti-gun legislators wanted when they passed the law. […]