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The Massad Ayoob Chronicles, Part IV

Okay campers, it’s time for the ‘red meat’ portion of the interview. Fasten your seat belts…it’s gonna be a bumpy flight, as we tackle Gabe Suarez, flying with guns, and self-defense products versus the TSA. If you’ve not caught the other parts of the series, do yourself a favor, and start at the beginning. Or if you missed Part II, click here, or Part III, here. And now, back to the questions from TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia…

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The World’s Most Powerful Handguns: Wretched Excess Division

Yep. In a world where “bigger is better,” there’s always some enterprising engineer that wants to lay claim to the title. And it seems there’s no shortage of entrants. Of course, I’m wondering if you couldn’t get professional sponsorship for such a competition – say a cabal of chiropractors and sports medicine surgeons. I mean, the possibilities for wrist, tendon, and carpal tunnel injuries alone, would make it financially viable. I think.

Editorial: The Wonderful Thing About Ammunition Standards

I used to work for a computer store. Back in my salad days, I worked for a place in Dallas owned by Mark Cuban. Of course, I worked for him before he got rich selling his company to Yahoo!, bought the Mavs and made a spectacle of himself on Dancing With The Stars. (I’ll admit he’s got more stones than I do on that one.) Mark sent me and several other sales reps to a seminar conducted by IBM on their then-new PS2 computers (remember those?). IBM had come out with a “desktop publishing solution” that consisted of a really cool little laser printer . . . that would only work with the slowest, most under-powered PC in their entire lineup. That’s because the slot in the PC needed for the printer hookup was an old-style slot, instead of the New! Improved! slots found on the rest of the PS2 line. I raised my hand.

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