Ohio Re-enacts Scene from 12 Monkeys. Locals Underwhelmed.


“Underwhelmed” is an understatement. More like “scared,” “angry,” “panicked,” and “pissed off.” In fly-over country, it’s not often you see exotic wild animals coming over your fence and heading for your house. Well, unless you’re Noah. Or something. But that is indeed what happened in Zanesville, Ohio, when a private zoo owner decided to let his menagerie go, and subsequently eat a gun.  (more…)

Game Review: Contract Killer Zombies

Worried about infestations of Zombie hordes? ‘Round my digs, it’s easy to mistake roving bands of 13-year-old girls for zombies – they eat everything in sight (well…so far my brain is intact), moan loudly (although I suspect that’s their music, probably some banshee they refer to as “Lady GooGoo” or something) and go through clothing like the undead. (Take my clothing bill. Please.) But now, from the fine folks that brought you Contract Killer, the game I’ve found to be the best sniper simulation on the iOS platform, comes Contract Killer Zombies. Zombiephobic Shooters of the World Unite!


Courtesy of the folks at Misfit Politics.