Vedder Holsters Daily Digest: Choking Off Choke Point, Misplaced Deference and a Civilized Second Amendment Right

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Undoing the damage of the last eight years . . . FDIC Ordered to Turn Over Documents in Operation Choke Point Lawsuit The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) was ordered…

Springfield Armory Daily Digest: One Man’s ‘Sex Toy’, Maine Pushes Back, and Taking Microstamping Nationwide

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If I had a dime for every time this has happened to me… He lost his gun at the strip club — then told cops he thought it was a sex…

Bloomberg-Affiliated Propagandists Asking Oregon Gun Shops For Help With Anti-Gun PSA

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A Washington DC “Democrat media consulting firm” affiliated with Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns (and a host of anti-gun politicians) is offering Oregon gun dealers $1,500 to allow them…

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Mayors Against Illegal Guns Launches Secret Bus Tour

People who support gun control are less likely to lobby for its enactment than fans of’s yoga pants pictorials are likely to assume the Bhujapidasana. Which is just as well…

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BREAKING: Woman Arrested For Ricin Letters To Obama, MAIG; Guns Not Involved

FBI agents arrested Shannon Elizabeth Guess Richardson (pictured) this morning in connection with the ricin-tainted letters sent to the White House and the offices of Michael Bloomberg and Mayors Against…

Is AARP Anti-Gun?

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I hate junk mail. Junk mail comes in many flavors – there’s those newsprint things with ads from the discount stores and supermarkets (they make excellent kindling for my grill,…

When I was a kid, we’d sit around after dinner, watching our TV, spending what the social engineers now refer to as “quality time.” My dad is a music teacher. He had some pointedly different ideas about education than today’s touchy-feely, outcome-based educators. For example, when a commercial would come on, he’d start up a discussion about the advertisers’ claims and the logic behind them. My personal fave: “Dash makes your automatic (washer) work like it’s 10 feet tall!” “What good is a ten-foot tall washer,” my dad would ask. “How easy would it be to load? Would it wash clothes any better?  Sadly, there’s not an awful lot of independent thinkers anymore. Nowhere is the willingness of the sheeple to follow any Tom (Daschle), Dick (Durbin) or Harry (Reid) down the primrose path of illogic when it comes to guns.


Spin Cycle

When I was a kid, we’d sit around after dinner, watching our TV, spending what the social engineers now refer to as “quality time.” My dad is a music teacher….

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Scarecrows and Gun Shows

In the wake of the McDonald ruling by the Supremes, anti-gun groups are (predictably) in a froth. Sadly for the rest of us, the McDonald ruling has left a whole…

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U.S. Supreme Court Strikes Down Chicago’s Handgun Ban

The decision has just been handed down by the U.S. Supreme Court, reaffirming your right to own a gun in all 50 states. This is a game-changer, folks. In a 5…

Lesbian Corrections Officer’s Guns Don’t Shoot People. Lesbian Corrections Officers do.

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Or something like that. This story from the NY Daily News recounts the pertinent info, and dances carefully down a line between titillation and politically-incorrect positions. The pertinent facts are these…

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Editorial: New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Ideologue or Idiot?

Somebody once asked me, what’s the difference was between “insane” and “eccentric.” I replied “about $2,000,000.” Behavior that would earn you a canvas blazer with wraparound arms and a room…