Daily Digest: California Doxing, the Ongoing Oregunpocalypse, and Chief Art in the Big City

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California DOJ doxes gun safety instructors . . . CA DOJ’s Willful Disclosure of Firearm Safety Instructors’ Private Information was Prompted by a Local NPR Reporter – “(T)he California Department of…

New From Blackhawk!: “I Can’t Believe It’s A Range Bag” Gun Gear

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Sometimes the SHOT Show looks more like Fashion Week. Despite all the Coyote Tan and Olive Drab clothes that all the press guys, factory reps and other ‘operators’ were wearing…

Blackhawk (Gets) Down

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Our man Kozak’s left his luxury digs for the show floor at the National Rifle Association (NRA) convention in Charlotte, N.C. Greeting our intrepid reporter: a Man in Black who has…