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Suppressed Barrett Fiddy-Cal – That We Didn’t Shoot

Image Courtesy Nick Leghorn for TTAG

Nick and I spotted this rare beast in the wild at Media Day At The Range, but the headline says it all. We came, we saw, we walked away empty-handed. We were definitely up to the challenge, however. Nick and I both took shots with an absolutely gorgeous (and brutal) Sako .416 Rigby, and a few rounds through a bipod-mounted, gas-operated .50 BMG with a recoil-reducing QDL suppressor would have been a quiet walk in the park by comparison. But alas, Barrett wasn’t offering any free shots when we were there, and we had places to go and guns to shoot. Maybe next year.


Gun Review: Barrett MRAD

Barrett is best known for their .50 BMG semi-automatic rifles. They also produce some very nice bolt action rifles. Their latest rifle is called the MRAD or Multi-Role Adaptive Design rifle, chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum. Barret trucked their rifle out to the NDIA symposium in Indianapolis (along with a generous supply of ammunition) and let me take a couple shots.

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Have Big Gun Sales Stalled?

The media focused a lot of attention on the pre-Obama assault rifle boom. Sorry, “modern sporting home defense gun that’s not used by domestic terrorists or Mexican drug lords or anyone else other than hunters and your 84-year-old grandmother.” Anyway, credit where credit’s due: American gun buyers bought-up ARs like they were going out of style. In the post-McDonald world, gun grab fears have simmered down. The AR-makers who made hay while the sun didn’t shine now face the inevitable laws of supply and demand. Demand is down. Prices are soft. That’s doubly true for the really big guns—the Barrett BMGs of the world. As you can see at impactguns.com . . .

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