SB 150: Feinstein Tries To Patent ‘Stupid’


courtesy epicsports.comI’ve been holding my nose and reading through SB 150, Dianne Feinstein’s unconstitutional sludge of gun bans and slippery definitions. None of us should be surprised that there’s plenty of dark smelly stuff buried in there, because that’s what you’re going to find when you snoop around under the occupied outhouse that is the Congressional gun-control caucus. If you want the scatological details and can stand the aroma, hold your own nose and make the jump . . .

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Word Of The Day: Tulpenwoede

As ludicrous as this is, history shows us that it could be worse. Much worse. In January, 1637 a skilled craftsman in Amsterdaam or Den Haag could earn about 300 Dutch Florins a year. That same month, a single ‘Viceroy’ tulip bulb could sell for between 3,000 and 4,200 Florins . . .

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Courtesy Chris Dumm for The Truth About Guns

Gun Store/Gun Show Inventory Survey: This Sucks

Courtesy Chris Dumm for The Truth About Guns

New England’s Bass Pro Shops aren’t the only places that are out of almost everything. Our section of the Northwest has been picked (nearly) clean of All Things 5.56mm, and this photo shows why. It shows only a part of the crowd that showed up 45 minutes before a gun show opened its doors in Portland, Oregon this weekend. Joe Grine, Aharon and myself were among the lucky ones who got to wait indoors; the unlucky rabble stretched almost a quarter-mile around the building and across the Oregon Expo Center parking lot.  What did we (the lucky ones) find when the doors finally opened? Not many ARs, but a lot of surprises…

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Question of the Day: Is It Time To Stock Up On AR Lowers?

Has the President’s recent support for a renewed Assault Weapons Ban, in combination with Pollster.com’s electoral map, set you to worrying about your as-yet-unpurchased collection of Modern Sporting Rifles ™? If the answer to this question is “(Expletive of choice), Yes!”, you need to make sure your inchoate AR collection is grandfathered in before any AWB II legislation goes into effect. If you were made of money you could order a crate of Noveskes or LWRCs and put them on your Amex card. If you live with us in this universe, however, you’ll have to get creative. And you’ll have to study up on Foghorn’s Guide to assembling AR lowers too.Read More