OMG! A Statue! Holding a Rifle! OMG!

It’s been nearly three years since Foghorn put his final test round through ArmaLite’s gargantuan AR-50, but the bolt-action .50 BMG is still making noise. This week it’s shaking the world of Italian arts and antiquities, and it’s all because ArmaLite Photochopped a super-sized rifle into the arms of Michelangelo’s David . . .

Gun Review: ArmaLite 16″ Flattop Upper

The ubiquitous AR-15 lower receiver is the Trojan Horse of the gun world. When it quietly insinuates itself into your gun safe beneath a pencil-barreled M4 upper (or in my case a dedicated .22 rimfire upper), your spouse has no idea how many parts and accessories you’re going to start needing buying for it. This is […]

Gun Review: ArmaLite AR-50 50 BMG Rifle

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there’s beauty in functionality. If something fulfills a specific purpose and works flawlessly then it’s a work of art. Some might say the ArmaLite AR-50 .50 BMG Rifle is an ugly duckling because of its industrial appearance. To me, it’s a beautiful swan . . .

ArmaLite Limited Edition AR-10 1913 Carbine

ArmaLite would like you to know that they’re offering a limited run of AR-10 1913 Carbines. So now you know. The AR-10A4CBNF 1913 features a National Match two-stage trigger, 16″ barrel, 1913 quad rail handguard, Picatinny gas block, Flattop Picatinny upper receiver, forward assist and collapsible stock. “Compact yet rugged, this AR-10 is perfect for both tactical and […]

ArmaLite Releases Limited Edition AR-10 in .243 Winchester

Earlier today, Charles Blackwell at Sharp Shooters Knife & Gun told TTAG that Governor Rick Perry used a less-than-ideal gun for shooting a coyote. Blackwell recommended an AR-15 instead. And then Arthur Steadman at ArmaLite sent us a heads-up on the Illinois’ gunmaker’s limited run AR-10 chambered in .243 Winchester. “High speed and accuracy make […]

Gun Review: ArmaLite AR 24-15C

Back in the day, stoners contemplated life’s mysteries from a tetrahydrocannabinol-enhanced perspective. So enabled, they’d confront cosmic karma with a simple statement: “that’s heavy.” Heavy was deep. Heavy was good. Even when it wasn’t. “Dude, your landlord’s here to throw you out.” “Whoa. That’s heavy.” Heavy was important. And then Japanese products invaded the America. […]