New AR Optics from Bushnell

Bushnell has been one of the better-known optics companies in the gun industry for more than 65 years. Since they became a subsidiary of Vista Outdoors several years ago they’ve continued to grow and have – in my opinion – also experienced an increase in quality and design performance. Their AR Optics line is tailored […]

Irresponsible Gun Owner Of The Day: The Late Edward Schramm

Kalispell, Montana is beautiful country. The Flathead Valley is home to a burgeoning niche firearm industry, and any of my uncles could tell you the hunting and fishing around there isn’t bad either. I try to take my daughters there every summer for a week away from video games and Instagram. It’s solid Gun Country. Unfortunately there’s […]

Gun Review: Del-Ton ‘Evolution’ AR-15

Del-Ton makes ARs, and this Evolution model is their top of the line. For those of you with truly short attention spans, the USA Today version of this review is that the Del-Ton Evolution is pleasantly accurate, exceptionally comfortable and perfectly reliable. And lightweight, too. Joe and I shot it fairly extensively and we both came away […]

Just Arrived From My FFL: FN-15 Carbine

Your eyes don’t deceive you. This AR magwell doesn’t bear the standard of a rampant Colt, the crosshairs and lion of an ArmaLite, or the generic logo of a ‘Your Name Here’ parts-bin AR builder. That’s the FN logo, because this is a new FN-15 carbine . . .

New From Tapco: Arctic White AR, AK Furniture.

I thought white gun furniture looked pretty awesome when I saw it on the cover of the Rogue Spear video game years and years ago. But then I realized what a slob I am, and discovered how quickly my favorite shooting quarries can make a white gun not look so white any more. For those […]

New From SIG: M400, 516 Carbon Fiber

The SIG/Sauer catalog continues to expand, now with this new carbon fiber-enhanced M400 and its piston-driven 516 counterpart (not shown.) The free-floating handguard and A2-length fixed buttstock are both fashioned from the cool shiny black stuff . . .

New From ACCU-GRIP: Adjustable AR and AK Pistol Grips

While I don’t own America’s Most Popular Rifle™ (or the commie bloc’s, either) I do have tiny homunculus hands. Meaning that I sometimes have time getting a proper grip on the trigger, depending on the gun I’m taking up. The people at ACCU-GRIP (the grip that always fits!) must be members of the non-average length digit tribe, […]