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First Look: Inter Ordnance (IO Inc) Rifles

inter ordnance aks

If you haven’t heard of Inter Ordnance, or IO Inc., they manufacture various models of AK-47s, AR-15s, a couple variations of 1911s and are working on more… Many of their AR/AK variations are 100% American made, with some having a combination of Domestic and Imported parts (mostly imported furniture).

We recently got to head out to their Palm Bay, Florida facility and check out their AK and AR lineups.
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GOP And National Review Embrace Gun 2.0 With AR Giveaways.

Image courtesy National Review

National Review Online is the independently edited web version of William F. Buckley, Jr.’s conservative magazine. This month, in cooperation with the National Association For Gun Rights, they’re giving away a Colt 6920 like the one shown here. Go ahead and click the pic above to enter. No, really: the link will take you to the actual sweepstakes entry page. But hurry, because the contest closes Friday at 5:00 p.m. EST. And meanwhile, in Georgia…

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Battle Rifle Co. Announces Spring AR-15 Fashion Lineup

Image courtesy Battle Rifle Company

When it comes to gun fashion, the AR-15 is definitely This Year’s Girl. In fact, she’s been This Year’s Girl for at least a decade, strutting the runways and showing off the latest in rifle styles and accessories. I’m sure we’ll see a lot of her at Fashion Week the SHOT Show wearing every conceivable manner of rail, grip, stock, trigger and optic. Battle Rifle Company is previewing its Spring 2014 line ahead of the show, with a handful of ARs that might appeal to tactically fashion-conscious shooter . . .

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Courtesy Chris Dumm for The Truth About Guns

(I Wish This Were A Full) Gun Review: Wild West Guns Custom AR-15

Courtesy Chris Dumm for The Truth About Guns Unlike Senor Farago, I’ve never owned a Porsche or a Ferrari or anything like them. I’ve never driven one. I’ve never ridden in one, and (sad but true) I’ve never even sat in one. But for a few hours this weekend I got to shoot one, in a manner of speaking. Weather and politics and economics conspired to keep my trigger time short, but it was oh so sweet.

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Courtesy Chris Dumm for The Truth About Guns

Just Arrived At My FFL: New Frontier LW-15 Polymer Lower Receiver

Courtesy Chris Dumm for The Truth About Guns

My gunsmith had a delightful pre-Thanksgiving surprise for me today: a (nearly) all-polymer AR-15 complete lower from New Frontier Armory. Just about everything in it is made of a tough polymer: in fact, only the buffer, tube and springs seem to be made of metal. Even the trigger and hammer, you ask? Yep, even the trigger and hammer . . . Continue Reading


Question of the Day: Is It Time To Stock Up On AR Lowers?

Has the President’s recent support for a renewed Assault Weapons Ban, in combination with Pollster.com’s electoral map, set you to worrying about your as-yet-unpurchased collection of Modern Sporting Rifles ™? If the answer to this question is “(Expletive of choice), Yes!”, you need to make sure your inchoate AR collection is grandfathered in before any AWB II legislation goes into effect. If you were made of money you could order a crate of Noveskes or LWRCs and put them on your Amex card. If you live with us in this universe, however, you’ll have to get creative. And you’ll have to study up on Foghorn’s Guide to assembling AR lowers too. Continue Reading

AmaLite Upper Receiver Long

Gun Review: ArmaLite 16″ Flattop Upper

The ubiquitous AR-15 lower receiver is the Trojan Horse of the gun world. When it quietly insinuates itself into your gun safe beneath a pencil-barreled M4 upper (or in my case a dedicated .22 rimfire upper), your spouse has no idea how many parts and accessories you’re going to start needing buying for it. This is a review of a really big ‘accessory': ArmaLite’s 5.56mm flattop upper receiver with a 16-inch barrel and an A2 front sight. If you’ve outgrown your off-brand, pencil-barreled M4 upper and want to move up to something more refined, comfortable and accurate, start here . . .

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Gear Review: NCStar Handguard Rails

If you’re looking to hang some bling from your M4 clone, you’ve already noticed that its stock carbine-length handguards aren’t exactly bristling with M1913 rail space. You could go with a hand-milled titanium free-floated quad-rail by Daniel Defense or Troy Industries, but what if you’re only tricking out a rimfire range toy or a knockabout truck gun?

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